Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Audra!

On Thursday we had Audra's first Birthday party! It was supposed to be at a local park, but it rained all day Wednesday and Thursday so we had it at our house instead. It was such a blast! Audra absolutely loved having so many people at our house and being the "star". Her actual Birthday isn't until tomorrow, but we had a fabulous time celebrating a little early. Here are some pictures commemorating the day:

She absolutely loved this very healthy carrot cake infused with sunflower seeds, olive oil, and honey instead of sugar! It was very cute how quickly and how much she ate!
My friend Cynde made her the long bib, and Audra didn't want to take it off. She is also excited to use her sandbox toys at the park that her friend Chloe gave her.

Audra was actually quite spoiled by family and friends- it would take at least a dozen pictures to showcase all of the wonderful gifts and generosity shown by everybody, and we truly appreciate all of the friendship and love that Audra has already been shown- even at such a young age. It was so fun to have everybody together, and we send out heartfelt thanks to everybody who came and celebrated with us!


  1. Happy Birthday Audra! We love you.

  2. Wow Chris, you've come a long way from living on giant bags of generic cocoa puffs in college. ;) Glad you had a fun day. We are looking forward to the big 0-1 ourselves.