Monday, November 30, 2009


A few years ago Ben and I came upon the coolest Christmas house we have ever seen. We have made it a tradition to go see it every year, so tonight for Family Home Evening we packed up and headed out.

I wish the pictures could do justice of how much Audra enjoyed it (well, there are actually two houses on the same block that are both spectacular). When we got home she just rambled on and on and on about it. I didn't understand anything she said, except for the word "lights" randomly blurted out.

These videos are not exciting, but I thought my mom would enjoy them.

We highly recommend taking the fam to see these houses- they really are unbelievable! If you head east on Belleview from Santa Fe, you will go to Elati- about 6 blocks or so before Broadway. Turn left (north) on Elati, and you can not miss them! Bring a couple of singles if you can because they do ask for donations to help pay for electricity, and you will agree that they probably need the help- and that it is well worth the money!!


  1. we've been to these houses too. probably '06 or '07. it's been awhile. ;) i remember seeing them on the way to the tufts building. we'll have to go take Cache. he loves all the houses decorated in our neighborhood. he helped curt put ours up. There's a house on the corner when you're going to our house and it's really cute with all kinds of christmas inflatables and such. You guys should go Christmas light looking in our neighborhood!

  2. I really like that we can create our own family traditions now that we are all grown up. This year, since Nathan is finally old enough to comprehend/remember stuff we are going to start some traditions. Tonight we start the advent calendar and we are going to learn about the nativity. We're going to have a little lesson about Christmas every night. I am so excited. :)