Thursday, July 1, 2010

I LOVE Being a MOM!!!!

I LOVE staying at home with my kids. I know some women do not, but I do!!!!! I love being able to see the little things that they do everyday. I love being the one to kiss their boo-boos. I love having them help me cook. I love teaching them to fold laundry (does that make me a mean mommy?). I love going to the park with them every day. I just LOVE being with them!!!

Granted, not every moment is rosy. Far from it! But, I love those moments as well because then I am the one who teaches them discipline. Or how to share. Or how to play nice. The worst day of being a mom, is, for me, still WAY better than the best day I ever had at work. I just LOVE it!

I was reminded of that today when I captured this video. I had to sneak so they wouldn't notice me, so you can't see Claire, but you can hear her. Make sure you turn the volume up so you can hear it.

It is so sweet because yesterday as we were driving to Daddy's soccer game, I said to Claire, "Say Mama!" and Audra yelled, "NO! Don't say mama! I don't want Claire to say 'Mama'!"

So to hear Audra teaching Claire to say Mama today just stole my heart. I am so glad I was home to hear it!


  1. Christina, that just warms my heart. When my kids do things like this, I should grab the camera too. These kids say the cutest things. When Olivia wouldn't say her name, it was my kids who encouraged her "say Olivia, say Olivia" and now she does (finally). I am glad you can stay home, it is a blessing not everyone has.