Saturday, June 27, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Apparently this little one is as stubborn as her mother. I knew the baby had already dropped so it would be tough, but because I have a lot of fluid they said the chances of it working were better. Well, it didn't- and it definitley hurt! Her little butt is just nicely tucked into my pelvic bones and she wasn't going to budge. Thank goodness for my in-laws- we ended up being at the hospital for a VERY long time so Audra got to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa- THANK YOU to them (we owe them a lot of thanks- they are so wonderful to us!!!).

Anyway, it looks like I will be scheduling a C-section. I cried. I am a little scared about this (now would NOT be the time to share your c-section horror stories), but we are trying to see the positives. Ben thinks it will be great- I can make him do everything for two weeks and he doesn't have to watch me go through labor. Of course, he isn't the one who has to have the c-section either, so it would be easier for him. But, we can time our babies arrival which will be nice. We are thinking the 10th because that is Ben's Friday off from work, then he can take two weeks, and then my mom is scheduled to come the 25th for a week- right when Ben would have to go back to work, so the timing of it all could work out really well-provided I don't go into labor earlier then that. I won't have to go through actual labor and have the pain of the contractions, and all the yucky stuff that happens down there I will miss out on. That part will be nice.

Audra's labor was actually pretty good- until the pushing part. I pushed for three hours, and that caused a lot of problems with the recovery. In talking to my doctor a few weeks ago, she assured me my body now knows what it is doing and I would not push for nearly that long- thus making my recovery easier. I wouldn't say that I was excited about labor- but at least I knew what I was getting into and that it would be much better then last time. No surprises- until now. I am still trying to wrap my head around this and convince myself that it will be alright. I know it will be- millions of women have had c-sections, it's just trying to get a completely different version of how the birth will be that is completely unfamiliar and quite a bit scary that is hard. Needless to say, I will be reading up on this- and I appreciate the articles and info some of you have already sent- I will definitely be researching this so I know what I am getting into, as well as discussing everything with my doctor. (And, I will try the old wives' tales of how to get a breach baby to turn! The doctor said it is possible she will turn on her own, but very unlikely.)

So I guess I am feeling overwhelmed right now with the thought of a c-section, but I greatly appreciate all of your support! It really means a lot. I am also very grateful that I have Ben- I don't know if I could do this without him, and I don't envy single mothers who go through this alone.


  1. I am so sorry to hear you may have to have a C-section, but as one who has had one, you will get through it. It is a scary thought and the recovery isn't easy (but your first doesn't sound like an easy recovery either), but it sounds a lot worse than it really is.

    I don't know how much you would like me to tell you so I will leave it at that. Call me if you want to know more (don't worry, I don't have any horror stories about it, besides the trauma of it being an emergency, mine went pretty well). :)

  2. Oh my, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm still getting used to the idea of having one. Mine is scheduled for the 7th, unless I go into labor. Good luck to you! And from what I've heard from several people, it's not that bad. I'm having a hard time convincing myself though, so I can understand where you're coming from.

  3. Christina, don't sweat it. I had a c-section with Daniel and then had 2 v-backs. At least this isn't an emergency, it's planned and you can prepare. For me, it really was fine (even though it was an emergency in every respect). My sister had 6 c-sections and often was on her feet cutting hair 10 days later--she's crazy. But that is an indication of how quickly our bodies recover. The WORST part about having a c-section is not being allowed to drive for 2 weeks. I hate being chauffeured around, I'd rather drive myself. So if you don't mind people driving you to your Dr.'s appts. then you are really good to go.

    Let me know if you need anything.

  4. My sister-in-law has c-sections exclusively since she is too tiny to deliver vaginally. She loves not having to go through labor and my brother-in-law loves scheduling deliveries. I know what you mean about not wanting one, but I'm sure it will be fine. It's just rough to find out so close to the end when you're already an emotional wreck anyway. Sorry you had to go through that turning procedure, though, sounds horrible.
    You are very lucky to have SO much help! I will be lucky if Jason takes like 2 days off! The breaks of owning your own business, I guess.

  5. Getting to schedule your own delivery time is the biggest plus of a c-section. That, and your little girl won't have a cone head!

    C-sections are quite common and it seems like you have a lot of friends that have gone through it so you have some advice which has to be nice.

    I pushed with three hours with Katie too and Aubrey's birth was completely different. I now see how everything turned out the way it did with both of my deliveries and I know it is hard to grasp now, but I'm sure after the delivery of your sweet baby girl you will understand more and be happy with the way everything turned out. And, at least you have some time to mentally prepare- imagine everyone that has an emergency c-section AFTER pushing for the three hours.

    Good luck and it looks like we'll see our new niece soon!

  6. Thank you everyone! I am starting to get more used to the idea, though it still seems daunting. But, I know in the end it will be fine. Thank you!

  7. Isn't it an amazing blessing that breech babies can be safely delivered these days!! Feel blessed that you and your baby will be fine and cared for by skilled and experienced doctors. Medicine has come a long way. We will be praying for you , of course. Love you!

  8. I wouldn't say that I am sorry you are having a C-section! Look at it as a way for the baby to be birthed healthily - and it shouldn't make you feel less of a woman at all. A healthy baby is the most important thing. I had all three kids C-sections (Andrew wouldn't come, was too big, wasn't having any contractions even though I was past my due date and on the highest level of Pitocin for 10 hours, he wasn't breathing so well, etc.) and I found it to be the biggest blessing in my life! I recovered faster than a friend did who had her child naturally about the same time I had one of my children. Scheduling is the best thing ever, and that is why I was so blessed to have C-sections! You will do so great! Just be calm and have a great sense of humor about it and it will all work out well. (Tell Ben that Nathan watched over the sheet every time and loved it! Ben might not have the same thoughts though...) Call me if you get too nervous about it! :)

  9. I have no experience with C-sections, but I do know a lot of people who have had them and have actually preferred them over vaginal deliveries. Best of luck to you! I'm sure Ben will take great care of you while you're recovering. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your little sweetie!