Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Small Gestures

Sometimes it is, unfortunately, easy to take your spouse for granted- even though we try hard not to, considering it a cardinal sin of marriage. The other night, Ben reminded me once again why it is that I am so incredibly in love with him.

It was early in the morning- about 2 AM and I was in a semi-comotose state of sleep (I find it difficult to be entirely wonderfully asleep at this stage of pregnancy), when I noticed Ben was putting the blanket over me. It had gotten cold and he was carefully trying to cover me up so I wouldn't wake up because of the cold. I know this is an incredibly small act, but isn't it the small things that keep us in love with each other? He didn't know that I was awake enough to notice what he was doing, he was just doing that because he didn't want me to be uncomfortable. I thought to myself, "He really does love me!" What a lucky girl I am!


  1. awwwww. that is really sweet.

  2. You've got a wonderful husband! That was such a thoughtful gesture!