Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Little Inspiration

I hope you all enjoyed my last post- I had a lot of fun writing it! Just thinking about how I would change the world if I could make all the rules...

I did keep it light-hearted- on purpose. I don't know about any of you, but I can't even watch the news anymore because the images of Haiti keep me up at night. It's too depressing, so I needed something a little lighter.

Truly, if I really could have anything I wanted, even sleep would be the last thing on the list. I would want the people of Haiti to have all the food and supplies they need, children of abused parents to get placed in loving, wonderful families, and Cici to be made whole.

Surfing the blogosphere, you can find all sorts of stories- tragic, inspirational, beautiful, horrifying, etc. If you are looking for something a little more inspirational (and tragic) than what I posted the other day, here are some blogs I found that will make you truly grateful for everything you have:

This is a mother who recently lost her 6 week old baby to whooping cough (warning, you will cry): Picks and Kicks (thanks, Steph, for posting this story on your blog!)

This is a little boy who drowned in the bath tub and is now in the PICU (warning, this is long and will make you cry and will change you as a mother): Stakerz Xposed

This is a woman who was in a plane crash and 80% of her body was burned, but she continues fighting (I ended up linking to her whole blog because there is no one thing that strikes out as inspirational, it is her whole life and how she lives it, so it is ALL truly inspirational. Some of you have probably heard of this blog, she was on Oprah and is very popular in the blog world I guess): Nie Nie Dialogues

And, of course, my dear friend Jenny, who many of you already read- what an inspiration she is every day: Colofisch

What all of these stories have in common is that they are all women- just like us- going about their lives in a normal, everyday way. But then something happens- something horrible- and everything changes. I am certain that every one of them would choose to have their "normal" life back rather then be a blogger-hero.

Their stories are real and personal, because we all know that in the blink of an eye it could be us. In reading their stories, I find that I become better- more grateful, more loving, more understanding.

So pull out some Kleenex, take a few moments, and be inspired!


  1. I know - I tend to rain on people's parades. :) I can't watch the news anymore either - I can only handle so much tragedy. My own life is enough right now! Sometimes I find it's just really hard to see beyond myself and I hope someday I will. Thank you for passing those blogs on - I knew of one already, but the others were new!

  2. You NEVER rain on my parade!!!!!! You are an inspiration, and I love you for it! I really do wish I could do more to help, but my prayers are always with you and your family!!!!