Thursday, March 4, 2010

Attention All Wal-Greens Shoppers

I can't decide if shopping at Wal-Greens is worth the effort or not, so I am curious to see what others who shop there think. I got all of the above for $36.73. Supposedly I saved $115.11, but I think that just means you should NEVER pay full price at Wal-Greens because they are expensive. Anyway, here is what I got for the 36.73:
-2 packages of Huggies diapers
-6 Garnier Fructis hair products
-2 pkgs. DayQuil, 2 NyQuil, 1 Vicks Vapor Rub
-3 Men's Dove Body Wash
-14 canned olives
-3 canned salmon
-4 boxes of Kotex
-4 big rolls of toilet paper
-2 Puffs tissue
-3 cans chicken broth
-1 caramel (didn't want to buy, but I had to because my coupon wouldn't pay for tax)
That averages out to .73 an item. Obviously, a great price when you consider the items I bought.
BUT (and there is a big BUT), it was a TON of work! This is a total of about 12 transactions and hours figuring out the deals. In short, it was a PAIN IN THE REAR END! So, I don't know if it is worth shopping at Wal-Greens. What do you other couponers think?
And, because I like to keep track of this, my February totals:
Money spent: 205.23 (not including Wal-Greens- I did it! I got down to basically 200/month- granted, February is the shortest month, but still, I want to celebrate this accomplishment anyway!)
Money saved: 291.80 (not including Wal-Greens)
I still bought lots of stuff for food storage, so I consider this a great month!


  1. Honestly, I only shop the sales with coupons on things I know I will use/need. I only shop at Super Target (just about every time I checkout there the cashier hands me a few coupons that print out, like $2 off pampers), King Soopers & Safeway. Couponing can NOT be too time consuming for me. That stresses me out and I don't have time for that! It's impossible to get every deal. There are plenty of great deals out there to shop with coupons, so just shop the deals that are best for you and you are getting things your family uses/needs. Walgreens is expensive to begin with and stores like that, I know you do have to do a million transactions to roll over coupons/points/credits whatever to the next and the next and I don't have patience nor time to shop like that! Hurray for your hard work though! I had to click on your picture to make it bigger when I first saw it, b/c I thought the red cans were all dog food, and I thought "does she have a dog now?!" haha, then I saw they are olives. :)

  2. I tried Wal greens's not worth it for me. To have to go in, buy the certain items to get the register rewards, only to go back in...totally not worth the time or money. And I think you're right, Wal-greens is just overpriced really,the savings? I don't go there for my shopping. Not unless I can get an excellent deal, like excedrin for 50cents, but even then, I didn't make it in that week to score that deal, but no biggie...didn't really need excedrin anyway. :)
    But congrats on achieving your goal! That's awesome. :)

  3. On a slightly different note: what on earth do you do with canned salmon AND do you really eat THAT many olives?

  4. Heehee, I like salmon loaf so since it was on sale I figured, "why not?" Makes for a really cheap dinner!
    Olives are for food storage- I need 24 cans-ish for my enchiladas. They last for like 3 years on the shelf, so they're great!