Friday, March 5, 2010

Her Latest and Greatest

There are only two rules for Audra's outfits: 1. They must be modest, and 2. They must be appropriate for the weather. Other than that, we have opted to not make what Audra wears an issue, as I have said before. But, I was a little surprised at this outfit which she chose to wear to the grocery store yesterday:

A Minny Mouse shirt, purple pants, yellow sun dress, and hot pink boots. Luckily, I am relatively certain nobody believes I picked out the outfit.
And, here is the first picture Audra has ever taken:

Not bad, huh?


  1. I don't know if it is difference between boys and girls thing, but Josh couldn't care less about what clothes he is wearing. He never picks out his own clothes. If it was up to him, he would probably run around completely naked and not bat an eyelash.

  2. Adam - I think it IS the difference. My son would rather be naked too. He is starting to show some interest in what he wears though: all shirts must have a train, a truck or mickey mouse on them. Layers, though? NEVER.

  3. Audra changes her outfit completely by herself) about four times a day. Without fail, she will be wearing a dress backwards- zipper in front so she can do the zipper up- EVERY afternoon after her nap. It is funny to see her various concoctions, but not so funny when she insists on wearing a dress OVER her pajamas to bed, refuses to take a nap because she is too busy taking every article of clothing out of her drawers, or ends up wearing in outfit like the one in the picture!

    At least she wears clothes though, right?

  4. Seriously. Don't knock it. I just put Nathan down for a nap and before he would go to sleep, he insisted on me taking his socks and pants off. Whatever.

  5. Oh, she makes me laugh. What a little cutie!

  6. Pretty sure I saw you at the Children's Place piecing that outfit together!!!! Hmmmmm...! That is hilarious.... I saw a little girl at Panera sporting a similar outfit yesterday and all I could do was smile!! It was precious!