Sunday, May 9, 2010

All About Claire

She did turn 10 months old today, after all! As you can see, it was very difficult to get a picture of her with her sign, as one of her favorite things to eat is paper:

Yesterday I tried desparately to get a great picture of her that really showed off her cuteness. You see, Claire is CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! There is something about her that makes her so incredibly adorable, and I was really trying to catch that to show all of you. I didn't quite get it, but even with not getting "it" she still looks pretty dang cute:

Here she is surrounded by all of her toys. It looks like a huge mess, but it's just Claire getting into things.

I just love her tongue! I know that sounds really funny, but she sticks it out all the time and I love it!

Here she is in her carseat- I almost got her smile, but not quite:
This is a short video of Claire making noises with her mouth- she can do this forever and,like everything else she does, it's just so CUTE! (Can you guess what the word of the day is?)

Then, about halfway into this video you will hear what I was trying to catch: Claire growling. Yes, you read that correctly- Claire likes to growl. A lot. And, we love it because, of course, it is cute!

OK, here is a snapshot of Claire's personality at 10 months:

Weight: 16.4 lb. with a diaper and long sleeved onesie, so probably just under 16 lbs. which is great! She gained almost a pound this past month!

Food: Claire LOVES to eat. A lot. Last night I got her large bowl of food ready and Ben said, "she will never eat this, Christina. That is way too much." But, 5 minutes later it was all gone and she was asking for more.

New foods: Papaya- she likes it, but I will never buy it again. It smells like vomit and I can't stand it, even if she can. Kale, spinach, prunes (I broke down and bought some Gerber prunes, even though I hated it because I make all of her baby food, but she has constipation issues and they really seemed to help), grapes (one of her favorites), and her almostvleast favorite new food of the month: tofu. She is not a fan, but if I mash it in with her food really really good she will eat it. But, her all-time "I hate this food- this is so disgusting- why is this still on my plate" food is: olives. No way, no how- this girl will NOT eat olives. A new discovery this month!

Talking: Still not much of a talker, though once in awhile she will start saying "dadadad" or "mamama". Mostly, though, she just makes a lot of sounds. Don't worry, though, she knows how to get what she wants, even if she can't verbalize it!

Skills: She is waving a lot, including open and closing her hand while waving. Her pincer grasp is fantastic, and has been for awhile. She is also getting very interested in stairs, and will climb up two or three before I realize what she is doing and race to go get her! Her idea of going down the stairs is a head first lunge, so we are working on that as well.

Sleep: She is taking 2 2-hour naps thanks to the blackout blinds we put in her room- totally awesome, but it is throwning off my morning routine as now I need to stay home in the mornings more.

Personality: She is still pretty shy and quiet. She has a lot of great expressions, and often her face says it all. She will play coy and "flirt" with strangers. She still loves her big sister and her mama. For the first time, she left me and crawled to her daddy so he was pretty thrilled about that. For the most part, she is almost always happy, unless we have her at the table with no food in sight. Then, she gets very upset.

***On a sidenote, I had to put on comment moderator for my posts- I kept having these crazy Chinese spammers coming and leaving messages and I was getting totally creeped out by them, so I just put on the moderator. My next step is to go private, but I am trying to avoid that. I am sorry if you think that is annoying of me to moderate comments, but I promise to post all comments from people who I know and who don't creep me out!


  1. Can you believe how fast they grow up? Way too fast! I Claire sticking out her tongue is so cute! Mason does it too and I love it!

  2. I agree with you, she is cute! I'm glad to hear she is a good eater. I think that makes all the difference in the world!!!

  3. Glad the prunes are working for her. :) You know, as much as the Super Baby Food book-lady wants you to believe that store-bought baby food is E-VIL, it does have a purpose and a place in the world (although I have greatly enjoyed making baby food this time around).
    I still highly recommend Happy Bellies oatmeal. Good stuff.
    Oh, and I totally agree about papaya. I tried it with Austin this month and why does it smell so bad? It was grossing me out while I was steaming it and then whenever I feed it to him, I'm just so surprised by that smell. The seeds are really weird too, reminded me of that fish-egg fishing bait.

  4. It is fun to see how alike our kids are. Phinn is a big growler right now too. Must be in the genes!

  5. She IS pretty darn cute. I love that age and I love the growling. So funny.