Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shopping at Nordstrom's

HA! You didn't actually think I went shopping at Nordstrom's, did you? I know some of you love that store, and maybe someday I will venture to their clearance sale, but I am so much more of an Old Navy gal- BUT, it feels like I have been shopping at Nordstrom's for my house- hence the title of my post.
Last week I scored this AWESOME kitchen island for $50.00 on Craigslist! It has a marble top and is absolutely beautiful! It is a little on the small size, but it pretty much doubles my counter space and provides some much needed storage in our kitchen.
Then, we got lots of blinds installed- cordless blinds on our French doors, a remote control blind for the big window in our front entry, and blackout blinds for Claire's bedroom. My favorige set by far are the blackout blinds for Claire, because they are causing her to take TWO HOUR NAPS TWO TIMES A DAY!!!!! She has NEVER done this, so I am hoping this trend continues! If it does, I will consider those blinds the best purchase of our lives!

Next I want to replace our wobbly entertainment center that I use as my pantry and microwave cart. Here is what we currently have on one wall of our kitchen:Not exactly the most attractive/durable/functional option. We saw this at our local furniture store, and I do like it, but it is too small for that space. It would not give me any more storage than what I currently have, and that is the entire purpose of buying something to go along that wall. So here is where I need your creative genius minds (Danielle, you had better respond!). First off, any ideas of what on earth to get? Second, what color of cabinet should I get? Black to match the island? Oak to match our kitchen cabinets? Dark wood to match the furniture in our living room, which you can see from the kitchen? Or, something completely different- Ben likes the idea of a light green color. Something totally different to add a little color. Oh, the choices, the choices!!!


  1. Alright. My take.
    If it's a piece of furniture, I would get it to match the furniture you already have. If it's some kind of built-in, wall-mounted cabinet, I'd get it to match the original kitchen cabinets. If you want to go sort of funky-cool, I think some wall shelves would be cool, but you don't really have a modern aesthetic going on, so that's probably not the direction you want to take.
    If it were my house, I'd try to match the original cabinets and have something built in against the wall. That would max out your storage as well.
    And there is my 2 cents.
    (was wondering what had happened to you in the blogosphere, btw, glad you are back)

  2. Congratulations on your recent purchases. We totally recommend our shelving unit we got from Costco. They are just big metal open shelves. I know most parents would be scared about it being completely open, no doors or anything, but our kids don't go near it. They have been trained since kids that they are not allowed to touch it or anything on it. It has tons of space and you can see exactly where everything is all the time.