Monday, November 1, 2010

Children's Museum

On Thursday our plans for the day fell through, so I decided we should head to the Children's Museum. I quickly realized something: I should not go to the Children's Museum by myself- these girls each need their own companion! Oh, well- we really had a good time anyway. We just stayed downstairs where they were easier to contain.

Audra was VERY proud of herself for being able to climb up the tree:

I just really liked the look on Claire's face in this picture.

The fishing boat was a huge hit, as always.

Just for fun, here are some other pictures taken at home.
Maybe Claire should have been Justin Bieber for Halloween- cool hair!

And Claire's latest trick: folding her arms for prayer. So sweet. Yes, her face is dirty. Her face is always dirty. I can not get it clean- a hazard of being the second child, I suppose.

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