Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chaos, Chaos, Chaos

To say that our house is in a total state of chaos is an understatement. Despite the fact that I have packed probably 70% of our belongings, our house is a complete disaster (and by disaster I mean I can't even vaccuum because there are boxes, toys, odd-shaped items waiting to be packed all over every floor space in the whole house) and we are literally tripping over each other to get to anywhere. Audra, of course, thinks this is wonderful and thinks that climbing on top of boxes is the greatest thing in the world and is VERY proud of herself when she does so. I will try to get some pictures to post. We are down to nine days until moving day and are getting very anixious and excited. I am sure in six months we will be very glad that we did this!!
Here are some cute pictures of the Aud-Pod. Here is happy normal (but, yes, very dirty) face:

Here is the her newest "don't mess with me or I will get you" face. Very cute!


  1. That's a great face. Does she make faces on demand?

  2. Not eintirely, but if you make a face to her she will also do it, or she will just walk around the house making this face and snarling. It is really funny!