Friday, July 25, 2008

Kitchen Explosions and Other Disasters

Ok, so I counted and I have 18 boxes of kitchen stuff. Now, this does not include the 10 + boxes I already packed before we even put the house on the market and are in storage at Ben's parents house, and I will still need to pack about 4 more boxes before the move on Monday. That will make roughly 32 boxes of kitchen stuff! Does that seem insane to anybody else? I realized the kitchen boxes were getting out of control, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. I saw the egg separater that I have NEVER used, and thought, "do I really need to pack this?" And then I panicked and thought to myself, "of course I do! What if someday I become the type of chef that is in desparate need of an egg separater on a regular basis? What a waste it would be to throw such a wonderful instrument away!" And so, alas, I am left with at least 32 boxes of kitchen "essentials" to pack, haul, move, unpack, place in a drawer at my new house, and waste away never to be used- just the same as it is not used here.
So here is the question: What useless piece of equipment do you have in your kitchen that you cannot part with, but you really probably should?


  1. We have a juicer that we NEVER use, but that Sam refuses to let go of "just in case".
    We had tons of kitchen boxes too when we moved. I wondered how we fit everything into a tiny kitchen to begin with. Good luck!

  2. Oh I am a sucker for kitchen stuff, too. We have this sandwich maker that I've used maybe 2 or 3 times, but hey, you never know when we'll want a warm & toasty sandwich (I guess not that much)!

  3. OK, next time you are here, I'll teach you to separate eggs super quickly yourself, so you can get rid of the egg separator. Then you can tell me how to get rid of some of my baking pans that I never use, but think I might need it later because it is just the right size for XXX.

  4. Yah, Chris - you don't NEED an egg seperator, that's what egg shells are for. You break the egg in half and use the shells to seperate the yolk. I do this daily since Nathan must have his french toast every morning and I'm not supposed to give him whites yet.
    As for useless kitchen items: I am a serious purger, so I am into essentials, but I would say the popcorn maker is our most useless tool. Jason just had to have one, and it has never been used. I also regret having china just a touch, it never gets used but I always think...sigh...someday...

  5. Danielle - I vote for you to bust out the China for a romantic dinner with you and your hubby. You don't have to wait for all the other stuff, and it would make dinner even more special.

  6. Wow. You need to watch Good Eats on the Food Network. It is the best cooking show in the world, hosted by a guy named Alton Brown. He is a huge proponent of multitaskers. The only unitasker allowed in his kitchen is the fire extinguisher. People collect WAY too many kitchen gadgets that are only good for one thing, and therefore never get used.

    By the way, the best egg separator in the world is a clean hand. Break open the egg, hold your fingers slightly apart, and then let the white fall through your fingers while you keep the yolk in your hand. Easy peasy.

    As for useless kitchen gadgets, we don't have a lot of stuff in the kitchen that we don't use. Although we do have a panini press that doesn't get used much. It is gloriously useful for when we are on a panini kick, though. Mmmmm.