Tuesday, July 29, 2008


After 4 hours of moving and cleaning yesterday and 2 hours at closing, Ben and I are offically homeless. It was very interesting seeing our house totally empty- strangely surreal, but not necessarily sad. I thought I would be very sad- this was our home, Audra's first home, and she won't even remember it. But without all of our stuff inside, it was just 4 walls. I told Ben it wasn't the house that held all the memories, it was what was inside the house and concluded that the things you acquire are what are most important. He told me I was half right.

We are now at Ben's parents, and they have been wonderful. Obviously it is not the most ideal living situation, but we are very grateful to them and their generosity in helping us out as we prepare to move into the new house. As we emptied out the old house and packed up the last of our memories there, really I just got a sense of excitement- I can not wait to be in our new house! The house Audra will grow up in (I really truly NEVER want to move again- as all of you know, it is a pain!!!) and we will hopefully retire in. I look forward to the future, and think back to the past with fondness. We have been so blessed!

Oh, and Audra loves staying with Grandma and Grandpa Marriott- she runs after their cat Gizmo and thinks it is the funniest and most wonderful thing in the world! Very cute!


  1. How exciting for you guys! I promise you think you are going to retire there, but you'll move again and hate it! We thought the same thing and now the walls are closing in!

    Also, I need your address. We are having a CH Ward reunion and need to send an invite.

  2. How exciting! Take pictures of Audra chasing the cat. I was thinking of you yesterday and was going to call, but figured you were extrememly busy. Hopefully you got my message and were able to find the Stalking Santa clip you were looking for.

  3. Joshua loves to chase our cats around, too. He thinks it is HILARIOUS! The cats think otherwise.

    Good luck and have fun with all the unpacking and everything when you move into your house.