Friday, December 5, 2008

10 Most Fascinating

Barabara Walters came up with her list of the 10 most fascinating people of 2008. Here is her list:
Will Smith
Miley Cirus
Tom Cruise
Rush Limbaugh
Michael Phelps
Sarah Palin
Tina Fey
Frank Langella (plays Nixon in Frost/Nixon)
Thomas Beatie (pregnant "man")
Barack Obama

We watched this last night, and I agree with most of them. I am curious what others think. If it were me, I would definitely take Limbaugh off- not just because I absolutely hate the lying SOB, but also because he hasn't done anything- his show didn't change the outcome of the election, he hasn't done anything this year differently this year then any other year. Well, he did get his rediculous contract worth like 200 million dollars or something (to which he actually said he was worth it because he "works hard"- to which I say- HA!!!! But I could go off on what "hard work" is for hours and how people who "work hard" do NOT get paid millions, but rather pennies, but I digress).

Anyway, I would take Limbaugh off and probably put Stephanie Meyers on, because she did come out of obscurity and make a big, new impact on society. I do disagree with Miley Cirus, but I can understand putting her there and I can't think of anybody else I would put there instead.

All the others, I definitely agree did make an impact this year.

Anybody else have any thoughts?


  1. I think it was a pretty good list also. I don't like Miley Sirus, but the rest are great. I agree with the Rush part, ONLY in the fact that he didn't do anything particularly out of the ordinary for him. I do disagree that he is a "lying SOB". Not sure why you think that. But the rest sounds good.

  2. I think you know why I think that:)I am not sure why Miley made it, either- but Ben points out that for the tweeners she has made a big impact...

  3. I am so over hearing about the pregnant man, because he is still a woman. So, it's not really that much of a miracle that he's prego since he still has all the body parts to get there. It is just like any other person who gets fertility treatments....
    Will Smith and Tom Cruise- have they done anything this year out of the ordinary from the past? Maybe I'm forgetting something. I think Miley is on there because she is so stinkin huge and she probably helped Barbara to pull in some younger viewers. Oh, and I would def. put Stephenie Meyer on there, too:)

  4. I thought it was ridiculous that Sarah Palin was a fascinating person even though she declined an interview. I say why give her press if she doesn't want it? I think it would have been interesting to have Ted Stevens on, or Rachel Maddow...hmm...who else.
    I agree with Heather about the pregnant man. Jason was so grossed out just at the mention he insisted on changing the channel until it was over.
    And the Joy Behar thing at the end: L-A-M-E, but I am uber annoyed by her.

  5. Pregnant man? Why promote mental issues. Same with Rush. No wonder he's on radio. He has the biggest head I've ever seen - and I don't mean just figuratively, but seriously, the biggest head ever. I wonder how much of the 200 million he'll donate to charity, Mr. "I don't participate in the recession." What dribble..

    Isn't it convenient that four of them had movies or albums coming out?? Hmmm.... I wonder who they had to pay to get on the show. And Tom Cruise, he seems so much older, but the guy just gets better looking, and probably tasting too, just like aged whiskey...

  6. Ugh. Barbara Walters's list is dumb, except for Barack Obama and Tina Fey. Actors shouldn't make the list unless they do something more than what they have always done. Tom Cruise and Will Smith didn't do anything this year that was any different than what they did ten years ago. definitely not fascinating.

    Now, Tina Fey has really transcended her original roles as comedy writer and actress, and therefore truly is a fascinating person.

    I got tired of Rush a long time ago, when I got tired of the rest of politics. It is noteworthy that Rush has overcome pretty serious hearing loss in order to do what he does, but that is not really all that fascinating.

    Don't even get me started on the pregnant "man" stuff. Ugh. She is not a man. A bunch of hormone therapy and plastic surgery does not a man make. Any kids she has would have a better chance at life if they were raised by rabid squirrels rather than that family with issues galore.

    What big, new impact did Stephenie Meyers make on society, exactly?

  7. OK, Adam- you are right, Stephanie Meyers is not some amazing person who totally changed the world, but she IS somebody new, different, and exciting- she has gone from obscurity to "greatness" in the teenage-writing world. I think that is more noteworthy then others on the list. As others stated, I don't think very many of these people did anything to make them fascinating THIS year (I agree that Will Smith and Tom Cruise are fascinating, but what have they done THIS year??? Which, of course, is my biggest contention with Rush).

    That is an interesting point that some have movies coming out- I hope Barbara isn't paid off, but I suppose it does happen...

    Who would you replace them with???

  8. I am not sure I could come up with 10 people who are truly fascinating. I would include the following people, though:

    Tina Fey
    Barack Obama
    Stephen Colbert
    Michael Crichton

    I just can't think of that many more people who are legitimately fascinating. Some are entertaining, some are annoying, but most seem like they are there as a result of their publicist getting them on the list. Ugh.

  9. The word is fascinating not most important person of the year thus Stephenie is perfect for the list. Her work is not deep but it is a phenom. I like Colbert being on the list too.Rush is there perhaps to counter the entertainment personality of Fey to make it look like Barbara was being balanced politically just like he picked a African American Will Smith and White Cruise. Who knows but I would also like to add David Tenant(new Doctor who). I know I am a nerd but the new Doctor who out of England is very fascinating to me. His show is huge in England and we get it on the Canadian channel. I also think Ben Bernake.

  10. I agree - Stephen Colbert would be an interesting pick. LIke a "who is he really" kind of interview.

  11. I think the whole show is nuts; why does she get to choose who is most fascinating?!?! I bet there are much more fascinating people out in society, silently making huge differences in others' lives every day; they of course receive no fanfare for their efforts, nor do they do what they do for fanfare. To me the truly fascinating people aren't the ones we will see: those that have overcome physical obstacles, the single and widowed mother enduring every day raising her children by herself, often working two jobs to keep food on the table, those that have overcome poverty to receive their education and give back to society, the surgeons and doctors who save lives on a daily basis; these are some of the ones to me that are truly fascinating, but alas we will never see them on her show.