Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Not So Amazing Race

To absolutely nobody's surpise, Nick and Star won the Amazing Race- much to my dismay. It's not that I didn't like them (though I didn't, but to be honest, I didn't really like any of the teams this year and found myself not caring who won), it is just that it was so incredibly predictable and boring. I was hoping the Frat Boys would win just because it would have been hilarious, but there was absolutely no suspense for any of the last, I don't know, entire season. This is the first season Ben and I have watched the entire race, and if next season is this predictable, we will no longer watch (at least I won't, though Ben might).


  1. I have no problem with Nick and Starr winning. They are exactly the type of team that I always root for. Non-crazy, non-drama, intelligent racers. They never had meltdowns at each other and the one time that Starr started to falter, Nick reassured her and calmed her down. Their stability and consistency won them the race.

    The biggest problem with the Amazing Race (and I love the show, so I don't feel that there are many problems with it) is that the producers try to hard to get controversial and/or annoying contestants. For instance: Terrence. They want all of that conflict and manufactured drama. They don't need it. They would do far better if they had eleven teams like Nick and Starr who were all stable, intelligent, and extremely good competitors. I would enjoy the show even more if they did that, but a lot of people wouldn't.

    Unfortunately, the producers cater to the people who want to see a lot of drama rather than a really good competition. The drama queens rarely make it into the final stages of the race. You'd think the producers would notice the trend.

    Regardless, it is still my favorite reality show by FAR.

  2. The poor frat boys just couldn't catch a break could they. Oh well. It was something to watch until Medium comes back on. Is that dang show EVER going to return??? Anybody else watch it? I loved that show.

  3. I agree with Adam; I liked Nick and Starr for those same reasons and was grateful a team without drama won. You are right, there was no suspense, but that is just because the other teams were not as competitive. If Toni and Dallas were in the final I think that would have changed- it at least would have been closer in my opinion.
    Plus, this is the first season where the team that dominated actually won the entire thing. In past seasons there has been a clear favorite that made a mistake that cost them in an elimination round. We pick teams in the very first episode (the intro to it) that we think will win it all and this is the first year one of us was actually right.
    Predictible, maybe, but I personally thought it was fair since they clearly were the best team.

  4. Yeah, I guess I just wish they would put more teams who are truly competitive- I mean, really- did the beekeepers ever have a chance??? Give me a break! But because the teams were not even close to evenly matched, it just wasn't suspenseful, in my opinion- although I will admit, this is the only reality show Ben and I watch. We did really like the show "Treasure Hunters" which aired for one season- that was probably my favorite, but it isn't on anymore. It was like Amazing Race, just only in America and the clues required a lot more thinking rather then just physical prowess.

  5. I love this show. I was hoping the frat boys would win (darn slow cab driver) but at least Ken and Tina didn't win. That is really all I cared about. I couldn't stand them from the very beginning. And I don't mind all the drama, it adds entertainment value for me. I think a bunch of Nick and Starrs would be dull, just like they were. I wish they would do an all-star show again and bring back the hippies. They were my favorites!

    I love Medium! I looked it up, it comes back on Feb. 2. Yeah!