Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Season's Greetings!

Audra is definitely our Little Princess. Every day, this is the dress she wants to wear. EVERY DAY! (I confess, normally she wears a nice white onesie underneath, but they are all dirty and so she is wearing the funny striped one instead) She will find it under a pile of clothes, in her closet, wherever it is and let us know (without words, of course) that this dress is what she will be wearing today. Sometimes, we would have already gotten her dressed in another outfit, but insists on us putting this on over her clothes. Lovely.
Isn't that a great picture of her with the train? She LOVES it, and will sit there for minutes (that is a long time for her) watching it go around and around. Then, because it is a very old train, when it can't quite get the strength to continue on, she will give it a push and nudge it along. I love it!
This is a short little video of Aud saying "bye"- it is SOOOO cute! She says this to Ben everyday as he heads to work, and it makes us both so happy! She is beginning to talk better now- saying words like "bucket" and "blanket." Slowly but surely, right?

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  1. Thanks for letting us crash your house! It was good to see you guys!