Thursday, October 22, 2009

Perhaps We've Made It (yeah, right!)

Ben and I have never had cable in our married lives. We have always said, and I still agree, that cable is a complete waste of money- you just waste a lot of money to waste a lot of your time. I have often told him "I will know we have money to throw away the day we decide to get cable."

Well, we got cable (Dish Network actually).

But we don't have money to throw away. What happened?

Ben won an award at work that came with a bonus. Normally when he gets a bonus I try to talk him into taking me to a really nice restaurant or something, but his answer is always the same: Let's put it into savings. BORING!!!!

This time he decided he wanted to do something fun with it! I wasn't going to try and change his mind on that!!! He wanted a flat panel LCD TV (hence the scam post), but I was able to convince him that our TV is very nice and only 3 years old so we didn't need a new one.

His next idea: We would each get half of the money to do with as we pleased. HELLO!!!!! Do you think I was going to argue with that plan?!? No way! I told him how brilliant he is and that it was his best plan ever- besides marrying me, of course!

So, he decided he wanted cable- but not because of the cable. He really just wanted the DVR (which is very expensive if you don't have cable- just not a market for it, I guess). We have had it for a couple of weeks now, and we LOVE it!!!! We actually spend quite a bit LESS time watching TV because we record everything onto the DVR and fast forward the commercials!!! We haven't added any new shows (except some new ones out this season- I'll do a review of them soon) to our routine, we just watch our old shows faster!!! It's great! I don't think we will ever go back!

And, what did I spend with my half of the bonus? I went from this:

And this:To this:And this:

I have been begging Ben since the day we bought the house to let me replace the 1980's glass and brass- but he thought that was a complete waste of money (he is always so practical). Now we have new chandeliers and I LOVE them!!!! Yippee!!!!


  1. I love my dvr. I am currently watching the West Wing series from the very beginning and i just fast forward the commercials. So lovely. I also appreciate our on demand kids shows. love the lights very cool.

  2. Should have just bought a TiVo. Much better than any DVR that comes with a dish. IMHO :)

    The light fixtures look great!

  3. love the light fixtures. as for cable, i could do without but sam loves the dvr so we keep it. i do enjoy the food network, history channel, and tlc every now and then though. :)

  4. I like cable a lot, but I also agree that TiVO is WAY better than any DVR I have had. I miss my TiVo, they don't have it here...

  5. We looked into TiVo, but it also seemed expensive. Maybe we need to see it in action to see if it's something we might want in the future.

  6. What have I been telling you about TIVO (DVR or whatever those things are now)? Oh, and changing the light fixtures makes SUCH a difference, doesn't it? We did the same thing when we moved in!