Saturday, October 10, 2009

Three Months!

Clarie turned three months old yesterday- the newborn phase is over! She is still the cutest and sweetest thing- her smiles are so big, and she has the most adorable dimples. She hasn't figured out her voice box yet, so she will open her mouth real big in excitement and look like she wants to laugh, but doesn't make a sound- it is pretty funny. Audra still thinks she is the best thing ever, and will constantly say, "I wanna hold Dare!"
But, the best thing thus far about Claire is her nighttime routine. Here is how to put a Claire-bear to bed:
1. Swaddle Claire
2. Put Claire in swing
3. Turn off light
That is IT! She falls right to sleep. Then, she sleeps until about 3, but all I have to do is put her in bed with us and we both fall right back to sleep. Then, at 5 she wakes up to nurse, and we both fall back to sleep again. I am amazed that I am really not sleep deprived anymore. Granted, she may sleep in our bed until she turns 5, but if I get sleep, I don't really care.
Quick stats:
Weight: About 12 lbs, 8 oz
Height: About 24 inches
And, of course, still practically perfect in every way!

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  1. Just wait til she outgrows the swing! She looks and sounds perfect.