Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Carson and Barnes

No, Carson and Barnes are not ex-boyfriends!
Carson and Barnes is the name of the Circus we went to on Friday!

Audra's favorite part was the Sno-cone she got. You can kind of see the red remains around her mouth.

It was hard to take pictures because it was so dark, but we had SO MUCH FUN!!! Seriously, it was awesome! And, who liked it the most?

CLAIRE! Here she is pointing at the trapeze artists- she was pointing at them the entire time they were performing. I think she was figuring out how she could do that at home from our chandelier.

Here she is sitting on her own like a big girl. Notice how transfixed she is- she was like this throughout the whole show. It was so incredibly cute!



This is definitely going to become a yearly tradition!


  1. Fun, fun! Although I have to say that Audra doesn't look like she had a great time. :) I'll have to be on the look out for a circus to take Spencer to up here.

  2. I know- Audra looks horrible in the pictures! She kept refusing to smile/cooperate. I think at this point she really wanted to ride the elephants and didn't want to look at the camera.