Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We Let Her Do WHAT?!?

About two weeks ago, we were sitting at the table eating dinner. Ben was feeding Claire, as usual. All of a sudden, Claire literally grabbed the spoon out of Ben's hand and started feeding herself. We had been avoiding letting her feed herself for this reason:

But, I guess we had to suck it up and let her do this at some point, right? A parental right of passage- dealing with the mess of allowing your kids to be independent!

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  1. Yes. This is a daily occurrence at our house. Austin grabbed the spoon out of our hands at around 9 months and never let us have it back. It's the one thing my kids are developmentally early in: eating. Of course, it's not like he can use a spoon yet very well, but he's really good at taking that bowl of applesauce and pouring it in his mouth...or down his front. :) I actually love it. By the time they hit toddler years, they are so unenthusiastic about food the baby time feels refreshing.