Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Binkie Fairy

The Binkie Fairy finally came.

What is the Binkie Fairy you ask?

About two months ago I introduced the idea of a Binkie Fairy to Audra. I talked the Binkie Fairy up really well- that she would bring presents to Audra, and take her binkies because Audra was a big girl and doesn't need a binkie anymore.

For the past bit, Audra has said every night, "did the binkie fairy come? I don't think so. I don't see any presents." And then she will even say, "Why hasn't the binkie fairy come?" and such.

So, today I decided it was time. After bath time, Audra walked into this:

 The Binkie Fairy wrote this letter:
Dear Audra,
Today is a special day. You are such a big girl now that you no longer need a binkie! I took it to give to a little baby named Makenna who needed a binkie, but I left you presents in return. You are such a BIG girl- even bigger than me!
The Binkie Fairy

It is fitting that the binkie went to Baby Makenna (who Audra was decided was a baby binkie fairy) because ALL of her dolls and bears are named Makenna, after her cousin. It's really funny.

She immediately put on the tutu she got:

She and Claire also enjoyed the headbands and socks she got. For some reason, a couple of weeks ago, Audra fixed on the notion that the BF had to bring her headbands. I am not sure where she got that, but she did.                                                                          
For 15 minutes Audra ran around as excited as you have ever seen anybody- so excited that she got a tutu. She told us all sorts of things about the Binkie Fairy that we never knew, and she was incredibly excited that she is now a big girl and doesn't need a binkie. It was cute. Actually, it was one of the cutest things in the world- I wish I had a video camera. Have you guys noticed how much she likes to dress up?

And, she went to bed nice and easy- no tears at all. She did insist on wearing her tutu to bed, which was fine. I am hoping she'll sleep through the night without waking up. She has been known to wake up in the middle of the night, and unable to find her binkie, to cry and cry. So, we'll see how tonight goes.

But overall, I think it went really well.


  1. It's remarkable how resilient they are with what we perceive to be big changes. I remember totally stressing about this transition with Nathan and when he "lost" it, he just accepted it and moved on. We were shocked. I love these sorts of creative parenting solutions. I think they make these transitions way more fun.

  2. When we got rid of H's pacifiers, she cried the first night. After that if she got hurt she would want one, but that didn't last too long. E never missed his when we took them away. P might be ready to lose his shortly too. We'll see.

  3. What a clever idea! I'm glad it went well at first and hope it continues that way!

  4. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't change a thing! It was perfect- I am really glad I waited so long, and the Fairy was a perfect treat for Audra because she loves fairies and princesses and such. And, seriously, to see her happiness at getting a tutu was absolutely priceless. It made me think that for Christmas just getting one or two items might be better than several items.

    Plus, it was REALLY fun trying to figure out what Audra would be happy with, and I am pretty proud of myself for being right!!!

  5. How cute. Wow, Makenna would be so happy to know how many stuffed animals share her name, if she understood that concept. I wish we lived closer so they could actually play together often. Congratulations to big girl Audra!