Thursday, February 3, 2011

I HATE our House!

This is going to be a little bit of a complaning post, but before I start I want to emphasize that most days I absolutely love our house. We live in a beautiful  house in a wonderful neighborhood. Honestly, growing up I never dreamed I would have such a beautiful home. It keeps us warm and protected, and we are truly making our house a home as we make it OURS. We plan on living here until we can no longer go up stairs, and then we will move to a ranch townhome so we don't have to do yardwork or go up stairs.

So, overall, I am incredibly grateful- and in my prayers every night I thank the Lord for our beautiful home.

But today I hate it.

Guess what happened to our lovely home last night? THE PIPES FROZE! We keep our house at 69 degrees during the day, and 65 at night. But we woke up this morning and the water in the girls bathroom won't go on. GRRRR!!! Just what I want- to spend a thousand bucks to have it fixed. Yippee!

This is all just added to a long list of things we have been forced to fix on our house because things break constantly in this house. We have lived here just over two years, and in that time this is what we have had to do:

-Replace the french doors leading out to the deck AND the walls surrounding said door because they were completely rotted out
-Replace the subfloor in our kitchen because there was a HOLE rotted through
-Replace the floor in the kitchen (we didn't have to do the entire main level, but we did have to do the kitchen floor)
-Get a new water heater (we got a tankless water heater which we HATE- I do not recommend them- we have had to have repairman come out 3 times in a year to fix it. It does seem to be working now, though-we'll see how long it lasts)
-Get a new furnace and A/C unit
-Replace a beam in our deck that was rotted
-Replace all the parts to our garage door when it decided to spontaneously break last winter
-Fix/replace several sprinkler heads
-Remove all the gutters from our house and have them cut down and re-hung because the roofers put them on wrong and water was leaking into our house
-Replace a section of wall in our kitchen because of said gutter leak
-Have roofers come out twice to fix our roof

And, now, we get to add frozen pipes.

Correct me if I'm wrong- but does that seem like a lot to you? It seems like a lot to me. This is not counting the things we want to do to the house to beautify and make our house ours- this is the MUST fix.

When we bought the house, we purposely bought it knowing it was below our budget and we would not be house-poor, because we know in owning a house things happen. I did not expect it to be this much, however. It seems every 2-3 months something major happens that we have to fix. It makes me think we should have spent a little more on a house that wasn't completely falling apart. But, then I remember, how do you know if you bought a clunker? What if we bought a house that we couldn't afford, AND it started breaking down? That's my only consolation- at least we don't have to put the repairs on credit card.

I have decided that people tend to have different areas where they end up spending a lot of money. Their car always break down, or their kids always get sick, or one of the spouses can't seem to keep a job. Our lot in life: a house that breaks down.

There are worse things that could happen- I know that. And I am incredibly grateful that the kids are typically very healthy and Ben has a steady job.

But, today I am mad at our house! Don't worry, though, I'll be over it by tomorrow and things will be fine.


  1. I just read this tip on facebook about somebody else's pipes that had frozen, thought I'd pass it on:
    "When they dethaw, make sure you leave the cold running just a little bit on the really cold nights. This will help them not freeze. Our pipes freeze all the time and its the worst. You also might want to get some heat tape wrapped around your pipes."
    I know you're probably overly grateful in your post about home ownership because you are thinking of people like me who don't own a home, but I am personally not jealous of your fix-it moments and all the money that goes into them. :) Someday I will have the joy of home-ownership, but for now I am very much enjoying not.
    Did your house not have an inspection when you bought it? The kinds of things that have gone wrong (like leaking and gutters and rotten beams) should have been caught in an inspection. You might want to track that person down and at the very least complain. That is ridiculous.

  2. I don't blame you for being upset! That is a lot of fixing in two years. How old is the house? Hopefully this will be the last thing for awhile! :(

  3. chuckle chuckle chuckle. I totally understand. There tend to be things with houses of different time periods. Ours is built like a ROCK, but it's old now. You can't win. In our first two years, our list was similar. So that should make you feel a little better! Oh, and by the way, we LOVE our contractor, so if you need anything...

  4. I could do without owning a house right now:) There are many times I have thought, "it would be so much better to be renting than to own this money pit!"

    As for an inspection...we had an inspector, and we thought he had a done a great job. The biggest problem is that we were dumb enough to buy a house that was 15 years old: pretty much everything in a house will break at 16 years- which we have found. Then, the rotted doors and such the previous owners painted over and covered up so we wouldn't see it. Technically, we could probably sue them for not disclosing this, but how could we prove they knew it had happened?
    He did briefly mention the gutters, but we didn't realize it was as big a problem as it was. So, I wish we had a contractor who was more blunt with us in how bad everything was. If we had knows, we would not have bought this place! Lesson learned: Use a super ninja inspector!