Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just In Case You Couldn't Get Enough... are more pictures- this time of both the girls at the park today (it was in the 60's again- felt like the 70's. This has been the warmest winter- which means we will probably get 10 feet dumped on us all at once in March.)

 Audra got this bike for Christmas, and she loves it- and she looks so cute on it, too. It has brakes and she loves using them, probably a little too much. She pedals twice, breaks once, repeats.

 Audra's silly face:
 Isn't Claire the sweetest thing? Well, at least in this picture she is- I didn't get a picture of her throwing a temper tantrum in the wood pieces.

 This is Audra scared- but she did it, and she was very proud of herself!

 Seriously, is my husband not the hottest guy? WHEW!


It was a good day today- these girls keep us on our toes, but on days like today it's all worth it!

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