Friday, March 18, 2011

Feeding The Geese

On Tuesday we went to the park and had a wonderful, albeit slightly cold, time. We even got a special surprise: one of Audra's friends brought some bread to feed the geese! I am not sure if we are allowed/supposed to feed the geese, but the girls absolutely LOVED it! Claire was the happiest I have ever seen her- she seriously thought it was the greatest thing ever. Here are the pictures to prove it:
 I had to be right next to Claire the entire time. The dock actually seemed quite dangerous, and I was worried she would fall in. She probably would have thought it was great to swim with the geese, however!

 She wanted the geese to come up and eat the bread out of her hands- thankfully, they never did or she would have had a nice little bite.
 Audra also thought it was wonderful, though thankfully I didn't have to worry nearly as much about  her as I did with Claire.

 I was holding onto Claire the whole time!
 Here are Audra and one of her best friends, Hannah, on the swings.
 Claire playing in the woodchips- she could do that all day!


  1. Oh I love it! Feeding geese/ducks is always a fun thing for kids to do. I love how you held on to Claire. I would have done the same to Olivia. :)

  2. Looks like fun. Do you remember when we were kids and somebody caught a goose with their fishing pole? Who was that?