Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shoes Beware!

No shoes are safe with this bug-a-boo around! She absolutely LOVES shoes, and is always putting somebody's shoes on and tromping around. It is quite adorabe- even though now when we leave she insists on putting on her own socks and shoes, which she really can't quite do yet, so that is a little annoying.

Other than keeping our shoes on high alret, Claire is getting into and attempting to destroy everything in sight. She is very curious, and she thinks if her big sister can do it, than she can do it too.

She still loves wrestling her big sister, but Audra loves it, so they have a lot of fun together. Audra is also very good at coming up with games that she thinks Claire is playing, when in reality all Claire is doing is wandering around aimlessly. It works out well for them.

Claire has really started talking/babbling quite a bit. Here are some of my favorites:
"Scharr": Translation: "share" This is said everytime Audra has something that Claire wants
"mo peas": Translation: "More Please." This is especially cute when she has finished a bowl of ice-cream and is handing us her bowl and expecting more. One bowl is all she gets, though.
"Yes." Translation: Yes. I especially love this because she says the "S" sound and it is oh so cute. It is also cute when Audra will ask her something like, "do you want to eat mud, Claire?" and Claire says, "yes!"
"duck" and "gooooos": Translation: Duck and Goose. She was saying that today at the park. She absolutely loves animals- though they are rightfully terrified of her.
"Audwa": Translation: Audra. She really loves her big sister!
"Beam!" Translation: "Sunbeam"- a favorite song of hers, with her fist going in the air on "beam" and everything
"Fur-word": Translation: Fast-forward. Even at age 21 months she knows that we do not watch commercials at our house- especailly during Horton Hears a Who- her favorite movie.

She is also very good at repeating individual words and she is starting to form short sentences.

She still loves to read books and she has started singing some songs.

Her favorite foods are still bread, yogurt, and cheese. She still will only drink water- nothing else.

She takes one 2-hour nap every afternoon at 1 and sleeps from about 7:30-7:15. The second she wakes up Audra goes into her room and entertains her until Ben or I decide to go get her. When she is tired, we know it- she does not keep it a secret.

Claire is a pretty feisty girl- she definitely knows what she wants and when she wants it, and she knows how to tell us what she wants. And if she doesn't get it- watch out!

She is a hitter- and a little bit of a biter. I took her into nursery a few weeks ago and said, "We noticed she is starting to hit. Please feel free to put her in time-out or discipline her however you see fit" and they said, "We know she hits." Apparently she and this other boy, Jack, both have the same feisty personality and they get on each other's nerves- ie., fight over the same toys. But, during sacrament while Jack was in the hall with his mommy, he went door to door knocking and saying, "Claire? Claire?" A future romance? Time will tell!

Her hair is nice and long- as you can see in the picture- but she hates for me to put it up. HATES it. So, I only have about 15 seconds to hold her down and put her hair up. The Pebbles hairstyle is the only one I have time for, and I love it so that's what she gets. Or, she sports the Bieber look- which she also looks cute in.

It has been really fun to watch she and Audra be best friends. All of Audra's friends love her, and they have a blast together. It's certainly never a dull moment, and she definitley keeps us on our toes, but she is pretty awesome in our opinion!

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  1. What a cute picture. I love shoe phase, and the updates on how little Claire is doing. They grow so fast!