Friday, March 25, 2011

Have You Ever?

I beg you to tell me if you have ever seen a more stylish bike rider:

Please notice the shoes on the wrong feet and the pants that practically come to her knees. And yes, that's a leotard under her jeans.

This is our Audra- a little eccentric when it comes to clothes, but oh so cute!

Here is a little update on what she's up to:

The other day we sat at the dinner table and she said- in all seriousness- "So, Ben, how was work today?"
It was hard not to laugh at that one.

We have started using "priviledeges" with her to get her to listen better. Time-outs weren't working, and for awhile we were throwing away candy and it worked for a few weeks. But, when I say, "if you want to go the park tomorrow, you have to behave at the store today" it works pretty much 100% of the time and has made our lives a lot easier. She was having horrible tantrums with transitions- when we had to leave grandma and grandpas or a friends house, for example. Now, those tantrums have disappeared because she has to earn her priviledges by being good.

In reality, she is an angel child. Seriously. In primary, she loves to sing and she sits so nicely that the teacher puts the kids who are misbehaving next to Audra and she helps them to behave by her example.

She has no interest in her letters or numbers, but I don't care. She will sit and flip through a book for an hour, making up a story and using her creativity. She'll catch on to the rest when she's ready, but I'm not going to push her. I want her to love learning, and I think letting her just have fun with books right now does that.

She is really excited to have found out that grandma and grandpa are Ben's mom and dad. Now she'll say, "remember, daddy, that grandma is your mommy and grandpa is your daddy, but they're my grandma and my grandpa." Everytime she says it as if Ben had forgotten.

Speaking of Ben...she is figuring out how to manipulate Ben a little bit. While I go put Claire down for bedtime, Ben puts Audra in bed and gives her a kiss good-night. Now, Audra will ask for a cup of water, which Ben gets. Then, she all of a sudden gets the urge to tell Ben everything that happened during the day, everthing that will happen tomorrow, and everything else she can think up. She will rattle off information super fast for 5 minutes (delaying bedtime) while Ben listens. I tell him it is her stall tactic so she doesn't have to go to bed, but he doesn't care because he loves to hear her talk. I can't blame him- I love to listen to her talk as well.

Since the binkie fairy came, she does not take naps. That has been an adjustment for me. I am playing a lot more CandyLand. Thankfully, the weather has been nice and she'll go play in the backyard for quite a bit so I can attempt to get things done around the house.

Speaking of which, I need to get back to the laundry. Claire's mini-update will come later.


  1. Audra is so funny! I wish we lived closer so I could get to know her better. You're a great mom!

  2. What a fashionista! I love seeing the outfits she has picked out. They are so cute and creative. I wish we lived closer too. I think she and Tyler would have a lot of fun together.