Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We went to the Littleton Museum again, and it was HOT but a lot of fun. And, of course, there were great photo-ops!

They went into the old school house, and there was somebody there role playing as the teacher. It was really neat. She had the students pretend to be real students from 1865. She even made the gentlemen (boys) take off their hats. But the girls got to keep theirs on. Of course, I had to put the pictures in black and white.

 Here they are with their good friend Ava. We sure love her!!! She's about the only girl Claire's age. Notice that huge smile on Claire's face?!? I finally captured it!
 But then, not 30 seconds later, this is what she was doing:
Poor Ava didn't know what to do while Claire tantrumed. Claire has been doing SO MUCH better, but today she wanted me to carry her the entire time. I knew I had to nip that in the bud and she needed to learn that she has her own two feet and she can walk on her own. So she tantrumed. And tantrumed. But, eventually she would walk while I held her two hands above her head- you know, where she kind of drags her feet while I half carry her? Then she would put all her weight on her feet, but still insisted I hold her hands. I don't know if she learned her lesson, but at least my arms didn't get too terribly worn out.

Afterwards we had a picnic lunch at the park nearby. A homeless man came up to us and said, "I don't know if I should tell you this or not, but right here is where I buried my wife." My friend Kathy calmly said, "I hope legally." I thought it was the perfect response.

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  1. Fun times. Olivia does that too, where she insists I carry her. I've actually gotten some nerve damage in my arm from carrying her around so much. I'll have to do that half carry half walk thing more often.
    Oh, and I love your friends response to the homeless man. Classic!