Friday, June 10, 2011

Suggestions Please!!!

I am going to a church meeting on Sunday where we will be asked for ideas on service projects our entire ward family can do- probably 50-60 people will actually attend, all varying ages from newborn to 70's. I am REALLY REALLY REALLY hoping that we come up with something besides just donating socks- which seems to be our theme for EVERY SERVICE PROJECT WE HAVE. I am hoping to come up with something where we are actually DOING SOMETHING for and with people rather than just going shopping.

Please share any ideas you have used at your church that has worked, or that you have heard about that worked so I can take these ideas to this meeting and help to come up with a meaningful project for everyone.

Thank you!!!!

UPDATE: I had the meeting this morning. I took the ideas you guys have and brought several I also had, including working at a center which collects toys for Christmas and needs help sorting the toys, landscaping at a long-term facility that houses families whose children are in long-term cancer treatment programs, and throwing parties at the Ronald McDonald House. They seemed to like the ideas, but are going to think them over and decide later. One idea was to break into groups and do several projects. We'll see what happens, but I am excited.


  1. Every year we team up with a nearby park and put new bark down, rake, pick up garbage, etc to make the public park nicer. It is actually part of our day at the park and our whole stake participates at parks near each ward, but it is one of my favorite activities. I bet if you ask around at any parks near your area they'd come up with a fun service project that is meaningful and one that families cab participate in. Or, find a family that needs their lawn mowed, needed, moss control, etc and help them out. The elderly are always needing help. You could organize a food donation day, blood drive, etc. Just some thoughts.

  2. I don't know if you have many elderly people in your ward - like widows specifically - like we do. Our RS recently did an activity that could be good for the whole family. They (I say they because I was unable to attend) painted flower pots, planted flowers and then couples delivered them to the widows in our ward (all 50 of them), most of whom do not come to church anymore for some reason or other. The following Sunday, many sweet experiences were shared about brightening these ladies' days. It was all based on how President Monson is always talking about caring for the widows in his conference talks. This could work for a variety of circumstances beyond widows or even ward members. It could be for an assisted living facility, a hospital, etc. I thought it was fantastic.