Monday, June 13, 2011

Two Years In The Making

After TWO YEARS, I finally finished this:

I want my kiddos to have an heirloom from me, but WHEW!!! This was a lot of work- especially as I was trying to be a mom as well! It is all cross-stitched by yours truly.It was much easier to get Audra's done, which if I remember correctly I finished before she was born. Now I can maybe get started on mine- after taking a few months break! Actually, my next project is to finish Claire's baby scrapbook- I make one for their first year of life, after that- they are on their own!


  1. that is amazing! i've been working on Olivia's since before she was born, and i'm only half way through...ugh! it's definitely harder to find time and energy when there's 2 kids to watch. way to give me the inspiration and motivation to get my daughters done. :)

  2. It looks wonderful as well. Sorry I forgot to mention that. All that hard work will be remembered as a keepsake forever.

  3. I was so overwhelmed making my third, that I made it the wrong size. Pour Olivia stocking has a border, because I used the wrong size and it is about 1/2 and inch smaller on each side than her big sisters. At least I finished it though.

    I don't plan to make one for myself, Ken and I have decided than in our house stockings are for the kids only (and I wouldn't have time to make another one anyway :)