Sunday, April 13, 2008

Don't Eat the Grass!

We took Audra to the park for the first time in between conferences last week- the weather was gorgeous, although you wouldn't know it because this week it snowed- twice! Anyway, she enjoyed walking around the park, but absolutely hated the grass. It was so funny, and you can see in the video how she would fall down, but not know how to get back up without touching the grass. It was pretty funny!


  1. Hey Christina,
    I finally got a chance to look at your blog. Love it! I love this video clip. Reminds me of my kids the first time they were on the grass. Both were the same way, they did not want to touch it. Now Anneliese wants to eat it! That is what you have to look forward too!

    We've come a long way since Germany baby!


  2. HA! We just put Joshua down on the grass today for the first time and he HATED it. It was funny.

  3. You are mean, Audra is smart! Katie always loved the grass, but then again she loves everything, except cotton candy. Cute video though, we will have to take her to the park a lot when you visit next.

  4. I was just about to say what Lisapants said, but she beat me to it. I think that Joshua will come to love the grass. After all, he was not a fan at all of my brother's dog when she first came up to him, but after a few hours, he started to laugh at and try to grab her whenever he saw her. If the weather is nice this week, I think we will start eating outside and let Joshua explore the grass in our back yard.

  5. Well I watched the video and thought it was great. My girls all got used to the grass pretty quickly, but maybe it is because our yard is mostly moss, not grass. Moss is a lot softer.