Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dryer anyone?

Before I get into the saga of the dryer, here are some cute pictures of Audra. Above is when we were back in the townhome and she successfully climbed on top of some boxes. She is angry once she got on top of the box because she couldn't figure out how to get back down.
Here she is attacking Gizmo- Mac and Ann's cat- while Gizmo is doing her best to run away from Audra. Audra isn't very nice to Gizmo- but she sure does love her!!!!

On to the dryer. This should not be complicated- to get a dryer. We bought a nice washer/dryer combo on Craigslist for $150- quite a good deal, I thought. We brought them to the house and Mac spent about 6 hours on the dryer only to conclude it was broken. After some thinking, he thought maybe the electrical outlet was busted. We went back to the house to discover that he was right- the electrical outlet going to the dryer was completely disconnected. I called the previous owner of the house who informed me that they used the electricity that would have gone to the dryer to power the remodel of the basement that was done years ago. Gee, that really would have been nice to know BEFORE we bought the dryer and Mac spent about 7 hours total trying to get it to work.

So, off to Sears Ben and I go. We spend a ton of money on a gas dryer- they are quite expensive, and while we could have bought one on Craigslist for 50 dollars, we wanted to make sure we had professional installers and a quality dryer as gas is nothing to mess around with. We schedule the delivery and install- again, costing us a pretty penny.

Yesterday the two most incompetent delivery people in the world came. Well, only after they called me totally and completely lost- they had no idea where Highlands Ranch was. HELLO! For you Seattleites, it's like having no idea where Belleview is- anybody with a brain knows where these major suburbs are, or at least the general area. Talking on the phone with them, they start getting mad and being rude to me because I can't understand where on earth they are and how to get them back to where they need to be. (For you Coloradans, they started out at Wadsworth and C-470 and ended up in Golden- no joke- when where they needed to be was Santa Fe and C-470- obviosly, these guys should not be doing delivery).

Finally, they show up. My friend Fawn was with me and we ended up leaving to go pick out tile while Mac stayed with the supposed installers. They come in and tell Mac that we don't have any of the right parts (even though we bought them from Sears when we bought the dryer) and that we needed to go to Home Depot and buy all sorts of different parts. Then they told Mac we needed to hire a plumber to install our GAS dryer- how on earth does that make any sense???? Apparently Mac was so livid with their incompetence that he almost sent them back with the dryer. But, Mac dutifully went to Home Depot, and the guy at Home Depot was like, "I don't know what these Sears guys were telling you, but you have all the right parts and all you need to do is this and this." So, Mac went back to the house where he attached the dryer parts that came with the dryer and they fit perfectly, thus convincing all of us that Sears sent us people who did not have a clue what they were doing. Mac didn't do all of the plugging and sealing because we want professionals to do the install- gas is dangerous, we want somebody who knows what they are doing to get this all together. Plus, again, we paid good money to have it professionally installed!!! So, we called Sears and very angrily told them our story and tomorrow they are sending out 2 more guys. Mac told them they had better send people who knew what they were doing! What a nightmare!

On the plus side, the painting is almost done and we have carpet cleaners (my wonderful cousin Clint) coming in Thursday night to clean the carpets. We bought a king size mattress, which Ben is super excited about- he has been wanting one since we went on our cruise and were spoiled with one a couple of years ago.

We hired a tile guy and bought the tile, but he hasn't called me back to tell me when he could get started. I am glad we are doing all of this before we move in- this is all such a pain!!!! But, Friday is our big day and we are really excited!


  1. Eek - sorry about all the dryer drama. On the plus side, though, it's exciting that you guys are getting your house all ready and that all these personal touches will make it yours when you move in.

  2. That whole electricity thing seems like something an inspector should have picked up on. In your spare time, you might wanna make sure that's all fine and legit and stuff. :) Can't wait to see pix of the new and improved house.

  3. Sears has had a plummeting installation and service reputation in the last couple of decades. I would never trust a Sears installation or repair guy.

    Also, a plumber would indeed be necessary to do any work on the gas pipes (if they actually needed any work, which they didn't) since the only difference between gas pipes and water pipes is what goes through them. They are all installed and worked on by plumbers.

  4. Well, today they were supposed to send out different installers- they didn't. The SAME incompetent morons were back at our house again!!!! We sent them away and called Sears demanding somebody else- UGHH!!!!