Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just The Two of Us

I baby-sit my friends little girl, Chloe, twice a week. This has been wonderful because Audra loves having Chloe coming over to play, and it gives me a break believe it or not! Each time I baby-sit, the two of them make up their own games and laugh and play. However, sometimes it doesn't go as well as planned. When Chloe comes over, Audra gets REALLY excited, and sometimes shows her enthusiasm by running Chloe over. Yesterday this happened and Chloe started crying, and I said, "Are you scared of Audra?" and through her tears she said, "Yeeeessssss!!!" But, within a few minutes they were best friends again.Yesterday, one of their games was to give each other kisses. I wan't able to get an actual picture, but it was super cute!!! Audra LOVES giving kisses now, and of course, nobody can reisist them!Then, Chloe would climb up onto the piano bench and say, "Audra play too" so I would put Audra up and they would play some lovely duets.

The cutest, though, was Audra would lie on the floor and Chloe would come up and tickle her, take a few steps back, then come tickle her again. Kids are so fun! I just love how they keep themselves entertained!


  1. Playdates are the best. They really are great for the kids, and a break for the parents as well. How much older is Chloe?

  2. Chole is 23 months- so about 7 months older than Audra. They really do get along great, it is fun to watch them interact!