Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Change of Plans...

We are totally bummed, but we are ending up not heading out for Thanksgiving to Utah because of some complications on the homefront. We really are sorry, Jeremy and Hallie- we wanted to meet Cambria so bad!!!! Audra was looking forward to meeting her little cousin and her great-grandpa, but things were not meant to be this year...

But, because we are not going, it gave me some time to blog, and I am totally stealing this from my friend Carrie, but I absolutely LOVED it- I was crying I was laughing so hard!!!! If you are Twilighter, casual Twilighter, or have heard a lot about all they hype, you need to read this:

It is a spoof from the screenplay Twilight, and it is incredibly funny!! (At least I thought it was...)

I saw the movie last weekend (thank you Ann and Beth!!!) and I really liked the movie- in fact, I was surprised at how much I liked it. I don't need to see in a million times or anything, but it was good.


  1. we're really sad you guys didn't make it out here... but hope you still had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. I thought Twilight was OK. I need to see it again to really decide. Audra is soooo adorable. I'm glad she's going to nursery like a champ. Sarah LOVES nursery too!

  3. We had a girls night out to have dinner and watch Twilight last Saturday and I really liked the movie. I have not read the books, of the four of us that went only one had, and I think I liked it better that way. At first when Edward came out I was just laughing because I knew he was not what my Twilight friend was expecting. Not cute at all, but he grows on you. My friend just kept shaking her head in the beginning and saying "I really WANT to like this movie." In the end she did though. Now I think I will invest the time to read the books though.