Thursday, November 20, 2008

18 Months

On Tuesday Audra turned 18 months, so all you moms know what that means: shots and stats!

She is now 23 lb 0.5 oz (31%-tile) for weight and 32.75" tall (81%-tile). The doctor said her stats are fantastic and she in perfect health- she was ecstatic when I told her I was strict with what I let Audra eat and that she eats very healthy- she wants me to teach their parenting class:)

Then, she had her shots. I was a little worried, but she was great! She didn't fuss or cry AT ALL!!! I was so proud of her, being so stoic! The nurse said she wished all babies were as good as her!

Aud is a bit behind in speaking. The doctor said she thinks it is one of two reasons:

1. She has very good gross hearing, but maybe her fine hearing is not very good. We can test for that, or

2. She is simply taking everything in and in a month or two she will just start speaking in full paragraphs.

I think it is #2, and I don't think I am just being a proud mom. She really does seem to hear EVERYTHING- I think she has better hearing then I do. She will hear dogs barking and start pointing to them before Ben and I do. She'll hear noises outside and turn her head to things I don't even notice. Plus, her personality has always been one to observe and watch everything, so I could see her doing that with her speaking. So, we are waiting 2 months, and if her speech does not improve then we will have her tested.
Of course, she definitely gets full points for cutenes!!! We just love this little girl!! (oh, and she doesn't get her binky unless she is sleeping or cranky, so don't think she wears it all the time, even though it might look like it from this picture!!)


  1. Wow, I can't believe how big she is! I haven't seen her since this time last year...

  2. Cache really started blossoming in his speech around 19 months, like using words on his own without being coaxed. He asks for MILK very clearly when he wants it and such. HE says mama, mommy, dada and daddy exact too. He really started at 16 months though and now it seems like he picks up new words everyday. I ALWAYS tell Cache to use words (even if I know he can't, I'm just promoting speech :)). I ask him to say the words I say and he repeats them after I say them. He at least tries. Curt and I "practice words" with Cache. We ask him to say words he knows and then add new ones too. He surprises us every now and then and blurts out a new word like "mine" or "looky". I'm sure she'll start talking soon, just keep encouraging her. Also, I have these Baby Books that Cache loves to look at and it helps him talk. He points to the Banana and says NANA or trucks and says trUCK. I've heard other parents say too that they have seen big improvements in their children's speech just by spending 30 minutes a day go over the pictures in books and saying what they are then giving baby time to say it too. Oh and also we ask Cache to point to his facial features and he says them too. Like where are your eyes and he points and says eyes. Cache still signs please and thank you though, he's a polite young man. :)

  3. First of all, cute background!

    I think Joshua is a little behind in his speech skills, as well. I attribute it to his mild to moderate hearing loss the first year of his life until his cleft palate was repaired and he got tubes in his ears. Now he hears just fine. He can say some words, and he's showing interest in saying others. I know working with him more with it will help as well. I'm not too worried, though. I figure he'll talk when he wants to.

    Cute pictures of Audra!