Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Need a Change

Well, Election Day yesterday was a fantastic day for Ben and me because...our new bedroom furniture arrived!

Ben and I have been talking about getting new furniture for years- and now that the economy is in ruins and everyone is worried about paying the bills, we decided to splurge on this wonderful luxury. Yes, I admit, we probably should not have done it. But, I was tired of having our mattress on the floor (yes, the floor), and when we went shopping we both fell in love with this set. I am very excited- for hours we moved around our mattress trying to figure out the best placement of all the furniture, and even though our bedroom is huge, the space still seems limited (the agony of having a king-size bed). So, this was the best we came up with- Dani, you will have to come visit so you can give us your architectural expertise to help us out! You better come up soon:) This was a wonderful change for Ben and I!!!!

I wasn't going to post about the election, because the change I wanted to emphasize was our new bedroom, but I will just give a couple thoughts.
First, being an election judge was about the most boring thing in the world. About 800 people came the entire day- there was NEVER a line, and usually there was nobody there. I guess everybody did early voting, which is a good thing. I bet by 2012, at least in CO, it will be all mail-in ballots. That definitely seems to be the way CO is going.

Of course, last night was an incredibly exciting night for Democrats. But, I also hope that in a small way, it was also exciting for Republicans. McCain gave a beautiful speech last night, and he talked about how now we are a nation "no longer scarred by racism." This was such a defining and wonderful moment in our nation's history- and I would even go out on a limb and say that a black man winning the presidency is more poignant then if a woman had won. I think the African Americans have been forced to endure much more hate and pain then women in this country- but that is a side note, and I am sure there are many who disagree.

At any rate, I believe we should all at least be excited that racial tensions seem to be coming to their last days- let's at least hope they are.

I will admit, though, that now there will be great pressure on the Dems to change the face of this country. They won even greater control of the house and senate, and now they will also have a Dem. president, but with that comes a lot of responsibility. This is the same situation the GOP faced 8 years ago, and it is not an easy situation because you get blamed (probably correctly) for what happens. So, while I am very excited, I am also cautious. I believe that Obama means what he says- that he believes America can be greater then what it is right now, and I believe that he will do all he can to make this nation the best it can be. I hope, in four years, if he is able to cut health care costs, create more jobs, cut down abortions by cutting down unwanted pregnancies (something he has talked in depth about doing), that we will all be willing and able to say that he is a great leader and a great man. If, however, we are worse off in four years then we are now, if Congress and Obama are unable to accomplish the tasks at hand, I will be willing to admit that it is yet again time for a change. Only time will tell which course this country is heading!

But, one thing is for certain: Obama is OUR next president, and we now must all work together from both sides of the aisle to better our country! For now, though, I will be curious to see what kind of a puppy Obama's cute little girls will have running around the White House!

What a great looking First Family!


  1. Nice bed set! I really like it. Hallie and I got a new bed set a while ago and I love ours. Funny how the older you get, you become excited about things like bed sets and furniture, etc.

    Some election huh?
    I will agree with you that McCain gave a wonderful speech, probably even the best of his campaign, which is too bad for him that it came at the end and in conjunction with his defeat.

  2. I also like the bedroom set; how long has your matress been on the floor? I thought both McCain and Obama gave great speeches. It was good to see that there was a huge turnout (I am sorry it was boring for you, when I voted there were only 3 other people in there while I was so I think it was only in select places there were long lines) and that it was a close race. A couple of states swinging the other way would have changed everything. Obama put a lot of energy into his campaign and as long as he does the same as president I think the next four years will turn out okay.

  3. They really are a nice looking family, matching clothes and all! I'm so excited. For the Democrats it's been a long time coming. It's so nice to finally come out on top. Hopefully we make the most of it.

  4. I love the bedroom set! We need one too- no headboard, mismatched dressers!

  5. Alright - send me dimensions of the room (including where doors and windows are) and dimensions of all the stuff and I'll play with it...
    I would suggest maybe getting some decor for the walls - you need some COLOR in that room! ;) (I say this, but our bedroom is very mod and is now pretty much black and white) Haha - the word verification I get to type in is "restin" NICE.

  6. Mm...and by the way. Gotta say, did not enjoy Michelle's dress. A strange optical illusion with that red and black that I thought made her look pregnant. But those are details. We were very happy with the results (except about a lot of weird stuff that passed here in WA that we were sure didn't stand a chance). My dad is not doing so well, however, not handling the results so well.

  7. I am glad people like the bedset- I would be really sad if we ended up spending way too much money on an ugly set! And Dani- you don't need to do, but if it would be fun for you I will Ben draw up a map with all the dimensions for our room- but only if it would be fun for you!!!

    I didn't really like Michelle's dress either- I think it would have been better if the whole dress was red with the black jacket- but as a whole, they were definitely a well dressed family (I thought Barack looked especially sharp and presidential!).

    Definitely an exciting night! Certainly one I will never forget! (Hey, the Reps. had all the fun in 2000 and 2004, now it's our turn for a little bit:))

  8. I really like the bedroom set. Travis and I are without one.....We've put the nursery and the boys bedroom set a head of ours. Typical parenting :)

    Well said on the election. I was hoping for a different outcome, but hey, let's see what the dems can do.

    The Obama's are a nice-looking family, however, I think that Michelle Obama needs to take some fashion tips from Sarah Palin. I realize her wardrobe was expensive, but wow, Michelle needs some help!

  9. I like the bedroom set too! Why the bashing on Michelle's clothes? I didn't like that dress either but almost every other time I think she has looked very sharp. I loved the dress she wore on the View (if you added a little black jacket for us conservative dressers). She reminds me of Jackie O. by the way she dresses, which I think is a huge compliment.

  10. Ah - not clothes bashing, just was surprised to not like the dress because I agree, usually she dresses very tastefully. I love a first lady in pearls. :)