Friday, November 7, 2008

Finally, We Are At An End!

Another political cycle has come and gone- I think we are all glad! Now, we can watch TV without every ad being about politics!
I know I have used this blog a little to voice some of my political beliefs. I hope that I have done so in a respectful manner, and I particularly hope that I did not offend anyone in the process. If I have, in any way shape or form, I sincerely apologize. About a week ago on a friends blog, I made the horrible mistake of commenting in a way that was more of a personal attack then on issues- this person called me on it, and I immediately apoligized, but I still feel guilty about it. Character should never be attacked, and I am ashamed of myself that in that particular instance I let my guard down and stooped to that low level.
I think that we have had some very intelligent discussion on this blog- and I thank everybody for that. Even when we disagreed, I think everybody was respectful of everybody, and therefore we were able to have intelligent conversation where people could voice their opinions and not be attacked- thank you. Again, if I have inadvertently offended anybody by anything that I have written (except for maybe Curt Dale, I don't care if I offended him), then I truly and sincerely apologize.
But, for now- no more political post- at least not until the mid-term elections!!!


  1. It has been a pleasure reading your comments. You always have great ones with a side of wit and humor.

  2. I too have enjoyed your posts. Keep it up! Once you take a deep cleansing breath, you'll be at it again. Good luck until then.