Monday, February 16, 2009

Benefit Fair

On Saturday there is going to be a carnival/fair/fundraiser for a young family in which the mother has been afflicted with breast cancer. Here is a brief story about her:

Heather Kartchner is a caretaker, healer and friend. Her powerful sense for how to love others is why she is known for her gentleness, attentive nature, and strong spirit. As a mother of three beautiful children, wife of seven years, and well-loved physical therapist for the Children's Hospital, life usually gives back to Heather the goodness she so deserves. Hence, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer just four months ago - two months after the birth of her son - it seemed so dismally unjust. True to form, though, Heather has handled the challenge with grace and beauty. The fight to overcome the cancer, and withstand the effects of its treatment may be the hardest thing she has ever faced; but, thanks to whom she is, Heather fights with a network of love around her. As a woman of faith, all who interact with her are uplifted by her gratitude and surety that she will be healed.

The carnival is this Saturday in Littleton. They have all kinds of things planned, and 100% of ALL money spent goes directly to the family to help them with her therapy costs. Here is a flier with more information:

Apparently, they are going to give the $10.00/family discount at the door (instead of $15.00) because it took them longer then expected to get everything ironed out.

Ben and I are going, so if you want to come with us, let us know and we will meet you there!!! I love that we get to go spend a day doing something really fun, and helping out a great family at the same time!!!

(Also, Jenny, I want to check this out to see if it would be feasible to organize something like this for your family- I'll let you know what I find out!!!)


  1. Is she related to Ben?? (Ben from school, not your hubby)

  2. I don't know- I think it would be REALLY funny if he was there, though- I will definitely let you know, I haven't seen him in years! Kartchner can't be that popular of a name!

  3. yes - please let me know how it goes! I would love to organize something fun like this for families and help us too!