Monday, February 23, 2009

Too Funny!

Our little Audra just cracks us up- here are two things that I had to share!
Last night at Grandma and Grandpa Marriott's, Audra had a massive blow-out- bad enough we had to give her a bath. She has not had a blow out in probably about a year, so we didn't have any clothes in our diaper bag to change her into, so this is how she ended up:

She is wearing tights that are size 0-9 months, so they are obviously too small, and the sweater she had been wearing throughout the day- luckily nothing got on that or we would have really been in trouble! I thought it was so incredibly cute and funny I had to share! I guess we need to have an emergency pair of clothes in her diaper bag just in case...

Then, this video shows Audra's ritual EVERY TIME we say, "it's time for scripture study." For probably about the last month, she has followed the exact same routine. We say that magical phrase, and she then proceeds to push her horsie from the middle of her bedroom right next to daddy, then sit on the OTHER side of the horse- as far away from daddy as possible- and then she decides to go and sit on his lap so she can see the pictures. It is so cute- and she has made it into such a routine, that we know that is just how scripture study has to begin!

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  1. Shanelle had a random, massive blowout the other day. (I just know that one day they will both appreciate reading this!) What is up with that? It totally caught me off guard too! That picture is too cute!