Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Domestic Goddess

I think I have achieved the title of Domestic Goddess for today (don't worry, I am fully aware this is a once-every-4-year-achievement for me). I have been so unable to do anything for the past 9 days, so even though I am still not 100%, I am feeling much better and was feeling like conquering the world today! I started with my house.

I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. I washed the sheets and even changed my toothbrush- trying to do everything to get these disgusting germs out of our house! I want this illness to be banished to the depths of Siberia and buried 300 feet in the ground and then burned- never to be heard from again! So, I pulled out the Clorox wipes and got to work. And, because Audra was taking a nap- the house stayed clean for a little over an hour until she woke up! YIPPEEE!

Then (and this is the Goddess part) I made homemade bread- NO bread machine, everything from scratch AND homemade chicken noodle soup. Dang, I'm amazing! The bread is this delicious herb braid bread that I learned how to make at a church activity last week. It is absolute HEAVEN!!! I am a bread snob, and this bread I am certain is going to be served on gold platters to all of the angels in Heaven in the after life. Here it is before going in the oven (isn't it beautiful?):

And, after coming out of the oven:

You may notice there are fresh herbs in the bread. Why, yes, there are. And, guess where those fresh herbs came from. The grocery store? Not for this woman! They came from my very own herb garden that I am growing!!!I know, I am amazing. (OK, let's be honest- I am also very surprised I haven't killed the herb garden yet. And, I didn't grow it from the beginning- they were pre-grown and all I had to do was put them in this pot and water them once a week. I have had the plants for a week, and so far nothing has died so I guess I am doing alright so far).

Next came the homemade chicken noodle soup. For the first time in my life, I bought a small stewing chicken. Don't be too proud, I had to ask the butcher which one was a stewing chicken. But, I got it into the pot (though I left the gizzards in, is that bad???):

It looks so beautiful. After 2 hours:The chicken never had a chance! (Ok, yes it did- if you look closely, there is still a lot of chicken left on the bones that I couldn't get. Oh, well). Then, I made homemade noodles, and voila:Homemade chicken noodle soup!!!

And, what do the bystanders think of it:

Mmmm! Mmmm! Good! (Well, actually the only comment from Ben I got was, "That's the BIGGEST bread braid I have ever seen in my life!" I am sure he appreciated his wonderful and amazing wife in his own way, though!) And yes, that is a happy and healthy Ben- luckily even though his throat is a little sore, it is nowhere near as bad as mine was and he was able to go back to work today. We will see how tomorrow goes!

But for now- I am going to a take a much needed rest! In another 4 years I will attempt to accomplish such feats of greatness again!


  1. Sorry you've been so sick!

    Your bread looks fabulous! Pat pat yourself on the back! And where is your picture of you in your goddess robe and tiara holding your bread braid and pot of steaming soup?!! :D maybe next time right?!!! LOL! Seriously though great job! :)

  2. I love it! You are so funny!You are a worthy recipient of the title "Domestic Goddess". I can only hope to live up to such a high bar. ;P

  3. Wow! Color me impressed! You should post the recipe for that bread. It looks yummy!

  4. you totally rock! Our household had a bad bug too and finally after three weeks of a sore throat I went the doctors and got antibiotics. Life is much better and I got new toothbrushes too. I feel like I have been on another planet for a month. I love Lost too. Last night's Ben episode blew my mind. I need to update my blog

  5. Um...remember that I just had a baby and I still need meals!?! HA!

  6. Wow, impressive that you cooked AND cleaned! That bread was beyond divine! Thanks so much for passing some of it on!

  7. I agree - post the recipe! Not saying I'm ambitious enough to make it, but it would be good to know that I could.