Monday, April 6, 2009

Still Not Good

Not a lot to blog about here- it's still a pretty sick household. And, finally, our last holdout- Ben- succombed to the dreaded illness. We are pretty sure it is bronchitis, and it is awful! Ben had severe chills and a high fever all last night, we finally had to pull out the electronic blanket. We were hoping he wouldn't get sick because somebody has to go out into the world and bring home the bacon, but it was not meant to be. I'm still feeling pretty crummy, but I should at least be well enough to take care of the two invalids so that is good. Actually, luckily Audra never got very sick- a runny nose and slight cough, but that is it. I'm hoping to be 100% and no longer contagious around mid-week. We will see.

In Audra news, she is getting cuter and cuter. Now she'll say things like, "I want water, mama" and the way she says "mama" just melts my heart- she is so precious! But, she is also getting much more mischevious. We are now finding it quite necessary to baby-proof, even things we weren't worried about before. On Saturday she fell down the stairs and landed on the tile floor in the basement and got a big goose egg on her head (true to character, she cried for about 3 minutes and then started running around the house so we knew she didn't have a concusssion). Up went the baby gate. Audra is actually wonderful at stairs and we never worried about her, but she is getting cocky and thinks she is so good at the stairs that she doesn't need to hold on to the handrail or go down backwards like we taught her- hence, the big fall.
I have to say- if you are in the market for a good gate, this one by The First Years is AWESOME!!!

We got it as a gift from Ben's aunt and uncle Joe and Carla, and this is the first time we have used it- when we first opened it it had a couple of missing parts. I was scared to call their customer service because I didn't have the receipt, but I called anyway and I was shocked to speak to somebody who spoke FLUENT ENGLISH- WOAH!!!!- and I told them what was missing and they shipped the pieces right out without any questions. So, it is an excellent product and an excellent company- now I try to buy their products just because their customer service was so good!

Anyway, I sincerely hope all of you are faring better then we are right now!


  1. So sorry...but we are in the same boat. I have a doc appt today because I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection. Disgusting. Thankfully, I was the last to get the crud in our house so hopefully when mine passes we'll be done. I can't handle any more of this...I want to get on with my life.

  2. Hey! That's the EXACT GATE we had! We loved it and I second your endorsement!

  3. good grief! you guys need to get better soon :)

  4. I am so sorry to hear that you guys are all sick! No fun! Get better soon!
    Oh, and that gate...yes, it is the best. We have 2 in our house. I love them!

  5. I would accuse you of stealing ours, but I know exactly where ours is. The best thing is that it always stays up and since a kid can't open it until they are heavy enough, it is very effective.

  6. Thankfully, Ben was able to go to work today, so apparently he doesn't have it nearly as bad as I do. I'm going to try and get the energy to go around with a bottle of bleach and just clean, clean, clean those germs away today! We'll see how far I get.

    I'm glad everybody else says the gate is awesome as well! We are liking it- well, all of us except Audra that is:)

  7. I hope that you guys get better soon!