Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Show Reviews

Here is an update on a couple of shows we watch- I thought it might be fun to discuss.

First- Amazing Race

For a complete look as to why I am NOT enjoying this season, go to:

I originally posted on the Political Moms site, but then realized that many of you watched this show as well so I thought I would post my thoughts here as well.

Basically, I HATE Victor and Tammy and they are ruining the season for me- they are so cocky-UGHHH!!! Anyway, I really did like this pair:Unfortunately, they were kicked off last week (yes, the miraculous event occurred and the stuntmen were spared one more week- well, actually 2 more weeks because next week will most certainly be a non-elimination round. Ughh, something else that annoys me- this show is SOOOO predictable). Anyway, I liked these guys for one main reason. Two weeks ago Mel yelled at the cab driver, and then he said, "Oh, I'm going to feel bad about that all day- 1 million dollars is not worth dehumanizing another person." WHAT???? A reality TV person admitted that their integrity was worth more than money?!? I couldn't believe it- what a breath of fresh air!

Anyway, I know many disagree, but I haven't enjoyed this season. I didn't enjoy last season all that much either. We've only watched two seasons- that isn't a good sign. If Victor and Tammy win, I am swearing off this show and never watching it again- that's how much I dislike them. But, Ben totally disagrees with me and LOVES the show- so I guess I am out of the ordinary, and I'm ok with that.

Next Show: LOST

I was really frustrated with the beginning of the season. It just got SOOO convuluted and confusing. Plus, I didn't like the whole time travel thing- I still don't, but at least now it has settled down a bit.

However, I absolutely LOVE Sawyer and Juliette together! I think they are wonderful together, and I am really mad at Kate for coming back. Now Kate just annoys me- she seems like this spoiled baby who can never be happy. Plus, she seems to use her men for her purposes and never gives back- so I'm glad that she doesn't get Sawyer. OK, she better not get Sawyer!!! I will cry if he leaves Juliette for her!

So, it's still confusing, but I'm liking the plot line better now. But, here's a question Ben and I can't figure out: What happened to Rose and Bernard?


  1. Sam and I have been wondering the same thing about Rose and Bernard. It's like they just disappeared or something. Lost is really getting on my nerves now though. I hate that it just seems to jump around, but I'm addicted. I just have to know how it's going to end, so I will endure to the end. :)

  2. I feel pretty much the same as you do- there are so many loose ends and the show seems to be going around in circles. I really only started liking the season again when they started focusing on Sawyer and Juliette. We'll see how tonights episode goes!

  3. I actually don't mind this season of the Amazing Race. There does not seem to be as much talking bad about other teams and with the exception of Tammy and Victor they all seem to get along well. And, it is great to have some inspiration with Luke. I did really like Mel and Mike, but with Mike's injury you knew they would be out eventually.
    As for Lost, I really think things are coming together more and more each episode and that it is just now REALLY getting exciting. We follow a Lost forum at and that gives us even more insight into what is going on, as well as remembering exactly how everything ties together from previous seasons. Rose and Bernard aren't as big of a story right now since they got lost with the flaming arrows along with who knows who else and must be on their own time travel loop. (They should have stayed with Sawyer). However, apparently they are supposed to reappear in the Season Finale- in what, another 6 episodes? So, I guess we'll all have to wait awhile. I do really like Sawyer and Juliette together, and am glad Kate came back to find Claire, because she needs to mature a little.

  4. I was bummed Mel and Mike got kicked off last episode. They were probably my favorites (I like School of Rock plus they were just nice guys). The two I really don't like now are the Cheerleaders. They never bothered me before until this past episode. They were incredible rude and snotty and they kept making fun of everyone. So, I hope they go next.

    As for Lost, I haven't ever liked Juliette. She has always annoyed me. She always has a smirk on her face. So, I too am glad she is with Sawyer because I didn't like it when she was with Jack (that drove me crazy!). I do get frustrated with the show because it is so confusing but I still like it and am just dying to see how it all turns out. I will have to check out that site, maybe it will help clear up some things for me.

  5. Mel an Mike annoyed me from the moment that Mike said that he wrote "School of Rock." Apparently I am in the minority, but I hated that movie. The fact that a successful screenwriter, producer, and sometimes actor was cast in a reality show to win a million dollars annoys me, too. Doesn't that defeat the idea of a regular person being able to compete on the show? Maybe if we all had the connections in the business that Mike has, we would all be able to go on the show, too.

    Plus, when you find out that Mel used to be a speech writer for Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson who eventually came out of the closet, well, that just makes me want to vomit from the sheer hypocrisy exhibited there.

    So yeah, I had no problem with them being eliminated. I am really hoping that Victor and Tammy get their comeuppance, like some of the other cocky teams have in the past. I won't swear off the show if they end up winning, but I won't be happy about it, either.