Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter was pretty anti-climatic this year, what with Audra being too young to care and Ben totally and completely sick. But, I did take Audra to an easter egg hunt while Ben went to the doctor (and spent $50.00 just so the doc could say, "yep- you're sick." Happy times).

We went to a local Catholic church a friend of ours attends, and they were absolutely wonderful and nice and we had a great time! (Why doesn't our church do Easter egg hunts?!?) They divided the kids up by age and we went to our room and Audra pretty much stood there looking like this the entire time.

She wouldn't pick anything up- she just stared- so finally I put an egg in her basket trying to get her to catch on. She didn't. Oh, well! Here is the loot I got her! It's ok, though, since you all know we weren't going to let her eat the candy, anyway! It was more just to get her out of the house and used to the idea of Easter.

My friend gave us all of her sons empty plastic eggs, and Audra enjoyed playing with those.

She was actually pretty scared of the Easter Bunny. I do have a picture of her with him, but my friend took it so I am waiting for her to e-mail it to me. As I would hold her and carry her closer and closer to the Easter bunny, she would grab onto my arm tighter and tighter. So cute!!!

For Easter I got her a bunch of coloring items- all washable, of course! No candy this year- she didn't seem to mind one bit!

Here she is coloring- that is all she wants to do now. It's really cute, and keeps her occupied very nicely!

Oh, and Ben is finally starting to feel better, except he stays up all night coughing which is hard. But, at least now I can look at him and not be disgusted by his red monster eye (I still can't kiss him- it's been three weeks since I've kissed him! How weird!!!)


  1. Our ward did an Easter Egg Hunt. You need to talk to the Activities Committee or the Primary presidency and suggest one for next year.

  2. Cute pictures! I'm so glad that you don't give Audra much (any?) candy. I haven't wanted Spencer to have any sweets yet, but I get a lot of pressure from my in-laws to feed him junk. I don't see why I can't keep him sugar-free for as long as possible. He certainly doesn't miss it. I'm glad Ben is starting to feel better. That really has to be miserable.

  3. Cute pictures! She is looking so grown up!

  4. I'm glad Audra enjoyed Easter. I will have to say we've always had Easter egg hunts in the wards we've attended, so our church does do them.

  5. I was just going to tell you that our ward did an egg hunt but I read that Jen wrote it... We are in the same ward. I am happy to hear that Ben is feeling better!! Ugh!!! Sickness is no fun! Josh and I have been lucky to escape it the past couple of years!