Thursday, September 3, 2009


Did anybody watch this show last night? It's a new show on Fox,and we were quite excited to watch it because it looked like a comedy, and we are so incredibly sick of dramas and reality TV, that we were anxious to see if this comedy would be fun to watch.

I have to say- I pretty much hated it. I think Ben liked it, but the whole time we were watching I was almost fuming at what was going on! First and foremost- it wasn't funny. I didn't laugh once- and this is supposed to be a comedy? But, that wasn't the real issue I had.

The basic premise is a Glee Club at a high school trying to find success.

The main character- we'll call him "hot teacher" (HT) is married. We meet his wife and she is a whiny, awful person who the show obviously wants you to hate because she says things like, "I have to stand on my feet for 4 hours three times a week!" and complains continually to HT. They have been trying to get pregnant, but have had no success.

Then, HT has an admirer- a co-worker at the high school who continually flirts with HT, volunteers to chaperone activites with him, offers to share her PBJ's, and is anxious to console him when he and his wife have a problem- which they always do.

Halfway through the show we find out HT's wife is finally pregnant. She now wants HT to quit teaching and become an accountant so he can make more money and support his family.

Do you begin to see where I have so many problems????

1. The woman at work is flirting with a MARRIED man, hoping he will leave wifey and go be with her. And this is a show geared to teenagers- what a great example they are showing of how we should respect marriage vows.

2. They turn a wife wanting her husband to support their growing family as a horrible thing- yet isn't that what ALL women want? While teaching may be his passion, supporting his family should be his number one priority!!!! What is more important then your spouse and children? Somebody else's children? I don't think so!

3. Co-worker horrible woman is the one who consoles HT and convinces him that he should follow his passion and ignore his wife- after all, she is just a mean, awful monster who wants to make HT's life miserable (let's just forget the fact they are MARRIED and made COVENANTS and PROMISES to EACH OTHER- not to horrible co-worker woman!!!!)

Oh, I can go on and on- but suffice it to say, I was absolutely NOT impressed with this show- or it's complete lack of respect for marriage and family relations- and I would not recommend it to anyone else who is considering watching it! But, perhaps some of you saw it and liked it. Maybe I am reading too much into the storylines (as Ben seems to think)! I would be very interested in hearing what others of you thought!


  1. I think wife is lying about being pregnant. I think that she and HT are going to end up getting divorced, thus making it okay that supportive teacher friend is in love with him and convinced him not to leave. No, it's not funny at all and in my (and Ben's) opinion, not a realistic depiction of high-schoolers (at my high school, the star football player was the most awesome drama guy too--everyone loved him) but I do like the singing. I'm always a sucker for singing shows. I even like Sister Act (shudder).

  2. I hope you are wrong about the divorce, but I think you are right. They have totally set the show up for us to want them to get divorced. UGHH!!!! I HATE that!!! And, I totally agree that it is not an accurate portrayol of high-schoolers.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with ALL of your points. I saw the pilot last spring when they ran it early. It is hard to find one--and I mean ONE--show that does not portray the world's view on anything and everything. Maybe we should get upset by most all TV shows! Of course, well....let's face it--we wouldn't watch TV at all. Oh, except for the obligatory Kai Lan, Dora, or Veggie Tales that gets TiVo'ed for those rotten SAHM days where you just need a break and know your head will explode if your progeny does not sit down and shut up for, like, 30 seconds. All hail the the electronic babysitter!

  4. I didn't watch it, but from what you said it doesn't seem like I want to. There are too many couples breaking up because of infidelity; I don't want to see it on television. There aren't many shows I can watch anymore.

  5. I agree with Katie. (How's that for supporting a wife!) I'm pretty sure that whiny wife is a big fat liar. HT is not the only one being a unfaithful. A wife is supposed to support her husband also. He tells her that his passion is teaching, and she says that he has to be an accountant, but at the same time, she is spending their savings away at the Pottery Barn. The vibe that I got was that he was willing to do anything (and had done a lot) to support her, but never got anything in return. Still not very good family values, but I just thought that I'd point out that he's not all scumbaggy in the treatment of his poor wife. She is pretty awful.

  6. Yes, I agree- the wife is awful. That's what frustrates me so much- the show WANTS the audience to WANT them to get a divorce. We are almost cheering for HT to leave her- because in real marriages, if your wife is like that, rather then trying to work it out and go to counseling, you should just forget about your vows and get a divorce. (I really do agree with you, I just hate what the show is doing- but Jennifer is right- it seems that what all shows do anyway, so how is this one any different?)

  7. This is so interesting. I haven't seen it at all. HELLLOOOOO - I LIKE my dramas and reality tv (can you say Big Brother? I have my priorities) I don't have it on my tivo list but I think I will add it, just because I am so curious. You know from what I (ok, really, Matt) read, it's supposed to be a really good show! In general, I think I take most shows with a grain of salt. In fact, on another blog I follow there were some comments about an Australian TV show and they way they portrayed several special needs parents and children, and there was a bit of an uproar about that. But, how do you? How do you determine what is the right way to portray someone? After all, a sample? a single example? an ideal? I don't know the answer or the best way to do these things, but I know I'm not the same as these other special needs parents and they way they were portrayed, but surely there are people out there like that. Just like this show. Maybe the danger is in society thinking that this is really the way it is. I'm sure it is somewhere, but not everywhere. Just like people know that hospitals aren't run the same way Grey's Anatomy is run. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. Who knows. I think I'll stick to "The Office" thanks!

  8. Aww Chris; I loved the show! The wife is a monster but is supposed to be. That is how he gets out of his marriage with the realization of her manipulation. I loved the music journey provided and the competition they are up against sing the rehab song I love the cheerleader coach. " you think that is hard try living with hepatitis b" We are so excited for this show in my home. It is not trying to be realistic and I do think there are values involved. I think the main teacher will remain true to his marriage vows but will end them because of the dishonesty of his wife. I am psyched for tonight. We will see if it continues to make me gleeful.

  9. Oh so mistaken...I hated the second episode tonight. I had to fast forward the show three times. Not good. I guess I will have to read more(;

  10. Jenny- I haven't heard about the Audstrailian shows!! I guess I shouldn't expect values to be high on TV anymore- we don't have the Brady's or Cosby's around! Oh, well. I will also stick with the Office!

    And Susie, Ben wanted to give Glee ONE more chance, so we watched it again and it was so disgustingly repulsive with all of the sex I could NOT believe it! I couldn't believe the show could get WORSE, and it totally did. Hopefully it will be cancelled soon (though the music was good in general).