Friday, September 4, 2009

Tiny Town

Today we took Audra to Tiny Town- it was so much fun! Thank you so much, Jenny, for the idea! This place just goes to show you don't need to take your kids to Disneyland to have a good time (not that I'm against Disneyland, because I'm not- but this place proves that sometimes smaller is better!)

Here she and Daddy are looking into a building:

It was very difficult to get any pictures of Audra actually looking AT the camera.

Of course, the favorite part for Audra was the train:

This house was built as a replica of "Gothic House"- that painting with the old man and woman and the pitchfork, with this full-size house in the background:


She climbed into this herself....probably was not supposed to:

Then, Audra's favorite thing to do is play house with Daddy. Yesterday he came home and was holding Claire and I offered to play with her and she yelled, "NO! Daddy play house!" Goes to show where I fit on her priority list compared with Daddy.

Then, not to leave Claire out- I thought this picture was too precious with she and her daddy!


  1. Such cute pictures. Where is this tiny town? In Denver?

  2. Tiny Town is a such a great place for kids. My only regret is not going to it earlier.

  3. That looks like so much fun. Wish we had one of those around here.

  4. Tiny Town is right outside of Denver- about 30 minutes. Next time you guys come into town, let us know and we will try and go with you guys- though it is closed after September until April or something.