Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Things Come In Threes!

Some very exciting things around our neck of the woods:

1. For the last three nights, Claire has slept through the night until 8 AM, 5 AM, and 6 AM respectively! Then, when she wakes up, she nurses in bed with us and falls right back to sleep!Yippee!!!! I hope this continues, though I am not holding my breath!

2. The nighttime routine has turned into a nightmare with Audra, so I made her a sticker chart. She earns one star sticker for each part of the routine she behaves well for. We started it last night and it was a total and complete success! Now nighttime won't be such a horrible experience for us all! Yeah!!!

3. After the disaster known as Glee, we found a new comedy we really like: Community. We watched the pilot episode yesterday and it was really, really funny- and mostly clean! Yeah!

Let's hope the wonderful things continue! I'll leave you with a picture of our cutie:


  1. yeah for a good night's sleep! Does Audra get a prize when her sticker chart is full? We saw Community and liked it too. :) We are big fans of comedies. Feel free to come over and watch the BYU game!

  2. Yeah! I hope the sleeping through the night and sticker chart keep working. We also watched Community and liked it. Still not as funny as The Office though.

  3. True- very few things are as funny as The Office- that show leaves me rolling on the floor in tears laughing. We're still figuring out the prizes thing- parenting is tougher when the kids get older!

  4. Horray for all three accomplishments! Stickers are so magical and more sleep is the best, isn't it?!