Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two Months!

Today Claire woke up and shouted, "I'm 2 months old today, Mom!" Ok, maybe not- but she did wake up full of smiles to celebrate, as you can see. Here's a couple of short videos: the first of Claire smiling, the second of Audra's new favorite thing to do- put something on Claire's lap and then say, "no, mine!" and grab it back as if Claire had stolen whatever it was.

Claire is still a really good baby. She giggled last night which was too adorable! Nights are hit and miss- just like a newborn. Normally she wakes up once during the night and then around 6 to stay awake and that's it, but sometimes it is much worse. During the day she still can only stay awake for 1-1/2 hours before she needs a nap, but I expect that to change as she is getting older. She eats great and rarely fusses. And, Audra just absolutely adores her still! But, I have learned I can NOT run errands with both of them, so I'm excited that I worked out with a friend that I would watch her daughter so she could volunteer at her boys' school, and she would watch Audra so I can run errands- YES! That will be absolutely wonderful- I don't want some psycho stranger slapping Audra for having a tantrum!


  1. Claire is cute. :) I'm glad she's still such an easy baby.

    I have to ask.... Have you had an experience in the past with a psycho stranger slapping your child for throwing a tantrum?! LOL

    Or are you referencing to the child that got slapped by a stranger in Walmart??

  2. I'm referring to the Wal-Mart incident!

  3. She's looking great and a lot like her big sister! Nathan is already doing that "mine" thing with the baby. He thinks it's really funny.

  4. What a cutie! What a cute family you have! I've always loved the name Claire.

  5. What is the psycho stranger comment about??

  6. Josh does the "no, mine!" thing with inanimate objects, like hooking the shower sponge on the tub spout and shouting "no, mine!" while trying to pull it off. I'm sure he'll do it with the new baby, too.

    Claire sure is a cutie!