Saturday, January 30, 2010

Because She's So Cute

Here are some pictures of our little cutie. I love that smile!

We started her on solids on her 6 month Birthday back on the 9th. So far, here is a list of what she does NOT like:

Rice Cereal






Here is a list of what she DOES like:

Hmmm... I am a little worried she may want to nurse until college! It's actually pretty funny- we have some great video of her hating real food! It's just taking her a little longer to get used to eating real food, but that's ok. She'll get it- I'm not worried.

Claire officially started crawling yesterday. I was giving Audra a bath and all of a sudden Claire just decided to start crawling and off she went. I'll get some video to post later.

And, not to leave Audra completely out, here she is doing what she loves best- playing with Claire:

I had to prompt her a little bit in the video, and she's talking really quiet, but she loves to come up to Claire and say, "I'm gonna get you!" and then tickle Claire. Sometimes Claire is amused, other times not so much. (I know my videos are lame, but I think Grandma High likes them)

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  1. Chris - Nathan was EXACTLY like that. He never would actually eat cereal - in fact, he still won't touch it (or yogurt). Once we introduced solids, I pretty much had to take a month hiatus because he just refused to eat any of it. I had to find work-arounds for almost everything. I always had to sneak his vegetables into his fruits for example. The kid did have a thing for PRUNES. Wow. She'll find her thing. :)