Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

I love that Audra is now old enough to say really funny things. Here are a couple of favorites from the last few days:

(In the parking lot at Target)

Audra, with her hand up in the air: Stop, car! Don't hit me!

As we are about to go to the museum:

Me: Audra, we are going to the museum. You get to be like Curious George the Monkey at the museum!
Audra: I don't WANT to be a monkey! I want to be Audra!

Then, this isn't Audra, but I also love my husband- he cracks me up! Here is a conversation from last night:

B: Guess what I'm thinking.
Me: That you love me more then anything else in the world.
B: That's right. Guess what else I'm thinking? No, don't guess. I will just tell you.

I love that man!

Then, out of my mouth have come some things I never thought I would say:

Audra: I want orange.
Me: Eat your ice-cream and then you can have an orange.
Context: She had already had about 6 clementines and had just asked for ice-cream so I wanted her to finish it. But, man, that's not something I would have thought I would say!

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  1. Yeah, kids sure are funny. Keep writing those funny things that Audra, and eventually Claire say, they are fun to look back on!