Saturday, April 10, 2010

Guess Who Turned 9

9 months old that is!

Yesterday was the big day, and I still can not get over how dang cute she is!


Weight: 15.4- this girl is not winning any weight gaining contests. This time she wasn't wearing a diaper, but she had just eaten dinner. I am not sure how we can fatten her up more outside of giving lots of junk food, which we are not going to do. So I guess she will just be another skinny minnie like Audra.

Height: 26"- just a hair shorter than Audra at that age.

Sleep: Normally, she sleeps great, even though she wakes up early. She wakes up between 6-6:30, then I go and get her and nurse her in bed. If I am lucky (like this morning) she falls back asleep and we sleep together for an extra hour and then wake up together. I have to admit, even though she wakes up early, it is worth it to bring her into bed and snuggle with her for an extra hour. Nothing beats waking up to my beautiful Claire-bear smiling up at me! When she wants to play, though, it's not so great. That is when I am grateful for Ben being a morning person, because he will normally take her so I can sleep a little longer.

Eating: New foods: applesauce (which she did not like at first- surprisingly- but now eats when mixed with yogurt), zucchini (she LOVES zucchini), beets (I am also surprised that she really likes these- I mix these with yogurt as well. Seems like an incredibly strange combination, but both my girls liked beets that way, and I figure as long as she will eat beets, I will give them to her!). Her favorite food introduced this month: BREAD! She LOVES bread- she loves breaking it apart and throwing it on the floor, she loves picking it up and putting it in her mouth, she loves everything about bread! Her least favorite food introduced this month: cheese. She would have nothing to do with cheese.

Activities: She is starting to cruise a little bit, though thankfully she does not show too much interest in it. She is content just standing- which she loves doing. She loves playing with toilets- including toilet water- which is now a problem because since Audra is potty training we often leave the bathroom doors open by accident.

Talking: Not much in the way of talking. But, last night we had the missionaries over for dinner and during dinner she discovered how to do raspberries with her tongue and she entertained us all through dinner with her loud raspberries. I had never heard her be so loud- she is actually a very quiet baby in regards to expressing herself- so this was quite unexpected and funny.

Mommy-love: She still LOVES me more than anything!

This picture was taken today- I was sitting on the couch to the side of her while Ben was feeding her. She saw me and kept reaching toward me and laughing and laughing. It was really cute. My favorite thing, though, is that when I walk into a room I will often sit a few feet away from her. Whatever she is doing, she will stop, put her head down, and crawl to me as fast as can be- nothing will stop her from getting to her mama!

Here is a little video of her sweet laugh:

General Well-Being: I have to admit, that as cute as she is, this month has been a little rough for Claire. She has this un-ending faucet called her nose and she just can't seem to get over it. She HATES it when we "blow" her nose (who doesn't?) and it has made her more fussy than usual. I feel bad for the poor girl- hopefully she will get over it soon.

Overall though, she is doing great. And, as Ben always likes to say, we are now at 9months, where it seems the fun finally outweighs the hard!


  1. Isn't it funny how different their little tastebuds are? Austin could eat cheese all day!
    You know I like tiny babies and actually mourn the loss of babyhood in my house, even though toddlers are infinitely more entertaining. I just think babies' wants are so simple. Toddlers wants and wills become so much more complicated and the growing independence makes my heart hurt a little...
    Glad she's being such a good girl for you! Pretty soon she'll be playing dress up too!

  2. I can't believe how big she is getting. Where does the time go? Both girls are as cute as can be!

  3. Spencer could eat cheese all day too. And, I also mixed all veggies with yogurt for him. He loved it until just a few months ago. Thanks for that Super Baby Foods book. My family (including Alan!) think I'm weird, but Spencer ate very healthy foods until recently.